Wednesday, 21 September 2011


If you're familiar with Yours Truly, then you'll know I have a disturbing addiction to that little blue bird.

I consider it a problem that doesn't need fixing, as it's brought about monumental changes over the last 21 months that I won't list while there's far more interesting news to share...

On Sunday evening, I happened across a 'Media Call' from someone best-known for fast cars, fizzy pop, electrical currents and the BEST means of bus fare evasion known to Man. Taking a chance with no expectation of a reply, I immediately found myself in an e-mail chain designed to separate the 'wheat from the chaff'. Stubbornly persistent, I played along, but wasn't surprised when the reply deadline passed with no Inbox goodies featuring 'Hollywood Superstar' in the subject field.

Imagine my complete and utter SHOCK then, when the following morning, I followed my BlackBerry's blinky LED, to confirmation of ESP as one of the FEW online reviewers hand-picked by the aforementioned, to showcase the first video from his upcoming album......

The eagerly-anticipated first release under Tyrese’s new Voltron Recordz label is ‘Open Invitation’, and from that personal request comes ‘Stay’...

The raspy-voiced Romeo reunites with 2-time Oscar nominee and close personal friend, Taraji P. Henson for a gut-wrenching breakup tale. Reminiscent of their 2001 'Baby Boy' partnership, the video is a sleek, miniature Hollywood blockbuster within itself. Only this time The Players have swapped 'the hood' for a condo in the Med, and rickety push bikes for spinning-rimmed Phantoms.

Taraji & Tyrese

In the Present Day, our suited and booted Leading Man is still choosing Money over Love.

Whilst the tender is now legal, the cautionary tale of 'Work over Family' is dramatically played out, as Tyrese woefully apologises for neglecting the Homestead in his seductive, gravelly fashion; before snagging that Hero crown by making his Lady an offer she can't refuse...Not because of the money, car or house, you understand, but because the presentation comes in a form that NO right-minded, warm-blooded woman could deny!

Gentlemen of the Nation: 
If ever there was a rule book on 'How to Charm a Lady' (coming from the likes of Tyrese, that has 2nd Bestseller written all over it - more about the 1st later), then THIS, is a visual and lyrical play-by-play...Pen and paper at the ready...


It's been quite the year for the multi-talented Mr. Gibson.

His belt notches include two of the highest grossing films WORLDWIDE in 2011 (the third Transformers instalment, and 'Fast Five' collectively grossed over $1.7 BILLION to date)...

'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

...a #6 New York Times Bestseller ('How To Get Out Of Your Own Way')

...and now a brand spanking new, Independent Record label.

But rest assured; The Voice that inspired many a (female) bedroom bully, and Blessed that red & white drink brand with 0:37 seconds of audible sexual fanfare, has returned to his core talent:

"my FIRST and ONLY LOVE is still MUSIC. I've read you letters, tweets, Facebook, MySpace and emails. I've listened to your voicemails and more importantly, I've run into you in person and you've all wanted me to do it again...So come 11.1.11, my new album - 'OPEN INVITATION' will be launched globally for you to listen, and feel my heart & soul that I put into that album...I wanted to give you an 'Open Invitation' to the clubs AND the bedroom..."

'Open Invitiation' will be available via simultaneous global release

Already giving us a taster of each with the utterly disgusting beat on 'Too Easy' feat. Ludacris; I can only advise that when issued with an 'Open Invitation' such as this, would be rude NOT to accept!