Friday, 16 September 2011


I first met Mrs. S back in 2005 and she's been wowing me with skill upon skill ever since...The below can tell you about the professional, but on the personal side, I can tell you this Lady has the biggest heart you will ever come across in another human being! All of that goes into every handmade creation, and that's what makes Jelli Ltd designs and deer oh deer especially; stand out from every other label on the block.

Charlotte ‘Charli Anne’ Shirley

Charli Anne grew up with art as a big part of her life. Her father, a traditional Slade School trained artist, hugely influenced and encouraged Charli’s creativity; nurturing her freedom of expression from a young age. It was his influence, in addition to growing up with an autistic elder sister that fuelled her interest in helping those with disabilities through art. 

Charli Anne went straight from school into employment as a special needs assistant. She moved from London to Southampton to study Art and Psychology at age 23, gaining a diploma from Southampton New College in 2001. Returning to London, Charli then spent the next few years working in the corporate sector.

In 2005, Charli took up the post of Fundraising Manager for an autism charity, where she was able to utilise her creativity once again and fulfil her desire to help others. This also re-ignited her passion for experimentation with various design techniques and hands on work, and she began playing around with different innovations and ideas in her spare time. She met and married husband Andrew, who only served to increase her passion for alternative fashion and design. It was through his contacts she got her first tattoo and became inspired by the art culture that so influences her work now.

Uniting her formal training and natural creativity, Charlotte grew her creations into a business and decided to take the brave leap from full to self-employment in 2009, when ‘deer oh deer’ was born. She now works out of her home office, pouring her heart into every new concept; hand making each jewellery piece with true love and bringing her own art to life at every opportunity.

‘deer oh deer’ expanded to include dedicated men’s line, ‘The Stag Collection’ in December 2010. With the launch of the couture boutique in March 2011, the introduction of the ‘Made In Britain’ tee line in April, offering a sassy alternative to traditional Royal Wedding attire; followed by the colour burst that was the SpringSummer11 Collection in May; fans of the brand can only prepare to be blown away by what comes next.

The AutumnWinter11 collection (October 2011) will be the biggest expression of Charli-Anne’s ever-evolving design flair. Breaking away from the 'colour pop' of the closing fashion season, let's just say the Heritage Collection will take us ALL back to our roots...