Sunday, 25 September 2011

#SoulSunday - Relentless MC

Just in case you missed our launch week, let me explain what you missed!

The inspiration for #SoulSunday came from our very own Concert headliner act. So the best thing to do is let her break it down for you...

I called this album My Soul because the music is a more accurate reflection of who I am, than anything else I've ever recorded...When you listen to the individual tracks, one song may not necessarily sound like the other, but each is soulful in its own way, because each one comes from my soul.
(Leela James)

Closing our second spotlight week with this brand new trend, it's the turn of Relentless MC to say a few words directly to all of you, who have spent the week getting to know him that little bit better...


Dear Music Lovers, Friends, Fans and Followers...

I'd like to thank all ReverbNation, facebook and twitter friends for every bit of interest concerning Yours Truly.

People continue to be the reason I do music. Hearing your own goals, hopes and dreams, fuel mine. The same way that Music shows no signs of slowing down or disappearing, neither does Relentless.

Peace, Love and Phat Beats,
Rhymin Eternal Lyrics & Embracing New Times Lettin every Spirit Shine.
(aka Relentless MC)