Saturday, 17 September 2011

Introducing the newest addition to Leela James' 'My Soul' lineup...

Bonnie Freechyld is a singer, songwriter and actress originally hailing from Australia, with English parents and a childhood spent in the Southeast Asian jungles of Borneo.

Honoured to find her soulful recordings had earned her a 2008 finalist nomination for the 1xtra Urban Performing Arts Bursary, alongside the likes of Andreya Triana, The Cock’n’Bull Kid, Double S, Kobi Onyame and more; Bonnie used the experience to fuel her motivation to further develop her craft and increase her network of co-collaborators.

Since then, Bonnie has had the pleasure of working with such respected artists as T.Q (of Westside fame), producer DJ Bunjy (of Bristol reggae outfit Laid Blak), musician and producer Ronnie Douglas (Chaka Khan, Gabrielle, Terri Walker), U.K rappers Sway and AloneStar, UK gold producer Bless Beats, the legendary F.A.B (Fonti & Bushkin formerly of Heartless Crew). 

2010 was spent gigging throughout London with a live band, showcasing her inimitable and ever evolving ‘Bonnie flavour’: a fusion of R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock and Soul.

The year so far has been an interesting one. In between writing for several notable artists and signing her first publishing deal, Bonnie spent time travelling and performing across the globe, from Australia to South East Asia and most recently, New York; all the while gaining new inspiration for her work in progress - a debut album. Also working on a collaborations mixtape for release later this year, in 2012 Bonnie can only kiss the sky.