Friday, 23 September 2011

#FindOutFriday - Q&A with Relentless MC

Now it's the turn of  the only Hip Hip artist in Leela's Lineup to step into the hotseat.

Relentless is not your usual MC. Also known as 'Busker Rhymes', it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to catch this artist providing the soundtrack to your tube journey home. Find out what he had to say when we caught up with him....

Q: Why the name Relentless MC?
A: As a kid I used to watch the TV programme, 'The Fugitive'. At the beginning, I always heard the words "Relentless Pursuit". I didn't know what Relentless meant, but I loved the way it sounded. A few years later, when I searched for a rap name, it stood out for me; especially after realising what it meant.

Also, any true 'rap head' would know that the name of one of my heroes, KRS-One, stands for 'Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone'. I was inspired to find a deeper meaning to my name.

Q: So is your name an acronym as well?
A: Relentless MC stands for 'Rhymin Eternal Lyrics Embracin New Times Lettin Every Spirit Shine'. Which describes everything that I'm about.

Q: What made you decide to become an MC?
A: There are so many good reasons why I rap. Self expression, the love of words and wordplay, the power to inspire and uplift, freedom of speech for all the Voiceless...The power to inspire and uplift. The Black Civil Rights Movement fought oppression for the young Black Man to have a Voice, and have that Voice be heard. These are just some of the reasons...I'm just trying to pass on the messages I picked up when words and music first started to resonate with me.

Q: Which label are you signed to?
A: Believe it or not, I'm asked this frequently; normally followed by a CD request. It's the ultimate confirmation I'm on to something good, as I'm not a signed artist.

Q: What's the number one piece of advice you give to anyone aspiring to follow a dream?
A: I assure them that you can become very good at something you love to do.

Q: What has been the highlight of your Career to date:
A: I would say it probably has to be the mini tour of the Czech Republic (Slovakia). We've all heard the stories and dreamed the dream of tasting that showbiz lifestyle. For me, I never expected to have my first experience in Eastern Europe! I was invited to perform a Country-wide, bar and nightclub tour. No two venues were the same. I found myself mobbed in a shopping centre at one point, by fans who attended the previous night's gig! It was SO embarrassing, but a real eye opener at the same time.

I performed to an audience of over 2000 people, all screaming my name on the last night, That gave me a true insight into life abroad and the appreciation different people will give you...Wow.

Q: Who are your influences:
A: Without scaring anyone off, I have to say GOD. The be all and end all. The reason for everything that exists, especially my beloved rap. The power of music for me is a direct reflection of God working. Nothing in the world moves me more than music, and nothing in this world could be more beautiful than when He created it.

Fan Question #1 Which would you pick, Celebrity or Success?
A: Success every time. Celebrity is a false sense of achievement. Success will gain you everything, Celebrity will fall for anything.

Fan Question #2: What's your opinion on battles?
A: I appreciate the Art, the Power and the Drive. But I can't stand that nine out of ten times, creative Artists are reduced to degrading themselves. That, for sure, isn't inspiring or skillful at all.

Fan Question #3: Who is your favourite Rapper:
A: Easy. Christopher Parker aka KRS aka The BlastMaster aka KRS-ONE. One of the last true emcees; who still holds the culture, history and true goals of Hip Hop at the forefront of what the genre stands for. Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you LIVE...

Relentless MC is a part of Leela's Line Up. Catch him supporting Leela James on her ONLY UK date for  her HUGELY successful 'My Soul' Tour, 21 October at The Clapham Grand. TICKETS ON SALE NOW.