Monday, 12 September 2011

Welcome to EricaSharlette Promotions!

It's A New Day and the Theme is...PROGRESS:

Thank you for taking the time out the visit the site, have a read of this blog and give up a few moments of your time in general!

ESP is a more than a Marketing and PR company, it’s an actual family. As this is coming directly from the Founder and is intended to be slightly less formal than the ‘About’ page; I can humbly tell you that in under a year, it’s become my way of life.

I cannot help thinking about progression. And listening to Lioness’s latest mixtape on repeat, while writing this introduction leads me to the perfect starting point.

A year ago last Thursday, I saw a tweet from someone who has gone on to become one of my very best friends, without whom this site and very likely this company would not exist.

Charli-Anne Shirley, Founder and Designer of Jelli Ltd and Deer oh Deer needed to free up her time of any and everything BUT what she was born to do – create (I'm sure you can gauge how important that is for yourself, just have a look at your current environment). In desperate need of a new focus and direction, I thought I’d drop my long-time pal a line and see what exactly it was she needed. From there, a whole new relationship, and direction, was born.

Have a look through the various pages and you will hopefully get an idea of how that one tweet has completely and totally changed everything for this East London Girl. It’s been an utterly MAD journey up to this point that would require more of a novel to fully relate - all of that will come soon enough!

For now, I’ll just say a humble thanks to everyone who has contributed to getting me here, everyone who has sent lovely, heartfelt and encouraging messages as I enter into this next stage, everyone who stays put throughout my completely unpredictable shenanigans...and suggest that you stick with me for the next leg!

If it’s anything like the past 12 months, I promise it won’t be boring...

ES ;o)