Friday, 16 September 2011

Meet Mr. Drackett....

From the minute you first meet Andre Drackett - better known as Drassick - you can't help catching his hyperactive buzz. His personality as a whole, is like an infectious drug, purely for his enthusiasm for everything! So named after a hearing a slip of the tongue by a friend; Drassick is a rap music Savage, hungry to take his rightful place amongst those in the forefront.

Hard at work on a follow up to his November 2010 'D-Day' release, 'RiseNGrind' (Winter 2011) promises to be an energetic testament to his tenacity in this tough music industry.

Drassick aka DiGiTaL is an undiscovered talent hailing from the depths of North London.

So named for his love of electronics, Drassick is the culmination of the best of the Hip Hop and RnB worlds.

Taken with the sound, style and lyrical content of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Doggy Style’ from an early age; Drassick found an immediate affinity with the relaxed West Coast flow. A sudden about change from the Drum & Bass scene he grew up in, these elements, combined with ‘Of the Moment’ influences Fabolous, J. Cole and Jay Z; enabled the carving of a new niche for this cheeky Ladies’ favourite, currently studying Digital Film and Video at University.

Following the release of his debut mixtape ’D-Day’, featuring underground club favourite ‘2-Step’, and first single ‘Round & Round’ feat. Jay Jay (now available on iTunes); Drassick is now gearing up for his sophomore release ‘Rise & Grind’. Featuring collaborations with long-time friends Stirra, Tneek and Brainlokk, this lyrical impresario is out to make witty wordplay into a verbal sport.

With a regimented focus that betrays his hunger, Drassick’s desire to bring his unique style to the masses is palpable. Now gearing up for start of his promotional release, expect to see and hear a lot more from this unstoppable talent soon.