Sunday, 18 September 2011

#SoulSunday - MAVERiQ

If you've visited the #ESPpage for R&B Heartthrob MAVERiQ since our launch Monday gone - and I sincerely hope you have, for your own entertainment - then you might have noticed a few trend titles with a difference; most notably the above.

The inspiration for #SoulSunday came from our very own Concert headliner act. I'll let her explain...

I called this album My Soul because the music is a more accurate reflection of who I am than anything else I’ve ever recorded...When you listen to the individual tracks, one song may not necessarily sound like the other, but each is soulful in its own way, because each one comes from my soul.

So with that in mind, enjoy the first of our #SoulSunday Sessions, a note from our featured artist, directly to you the audience...


"I remember when I first got wind of this show, I received a message from Nazarene saying that she was told about me by ES Promotions and was looking for a UK act to open for Leela James. I immediately jumped at the chance, but that was only 'cos I was told it was going to be a massive show, and that I would be supporting Leela James.

The joke is, I only knew OF her by name, so I done a little bit of research and I fully realised who I was going to be sharing the stage with…Wow. Leela James… I was fascinated by this woman's music and to share the stage with her is nothing short of an honour.

I've had a bit of time to digest everything that I've been told and I'm now REALLY excited to be performing on the same stage as Leela, and also an RnB LEGEND in Omar. I'm not gonna lie, it’s scary, but I am SOOOO ready for this!"