Sunday, 2 October 2011

#SoulSunday Statement - Nazarene

Hopefully, you've caught this feature on the last two Sundays running, but if not, let me familiarise you...

Leela James' 'My Soul' Tour is a personal epithet to thoughts and feelings from the heart. Let the Lady tell you about it herself:

"I called this album My Soul because the music is a more accurate reflection of who I am than anything else I've ever recorded...When you listen to the individual tracks, one song may not necessarily sound like the other, but each is soulful in its own way, because each one comes from my soul."


"I want to continue to make music that people can smile sing and talk about long after I'm gone.

My songs will always come from a true place. Someone's story is always a good song. It doesn't have to be your personal story, but as long as you can relate, you can relay which is the beauty of it.

It's not easy being a musician and baring your Soul sometimes, but I want to connect with people on all sorts of levels through my music, so it's all about coming out the box and not being afraid to be who you are no matter what anybody thinks.

I cant's taken me some time but Nazarene has arrived."