Friday, 16 September 2011

Rap Rubix - Lekhem

When was the last time you tried to figure out a Rubix cube? Completed The Times crossword? How about battled one of those Chinese puzzle boxes, like in the latest HSBC advert? I can truthfully tell you, I know the human equivalent.

Lekhem is...a Hip Hop Savant. He's a conscious, thought-provoking, cocky, humble, simple, complicated (see where I'm going with this), baffling, example of a foreign species.

Lekhem, Baker Boy, Alien Resident, Lexington...

Each alias fits him to a tee; with the only overlap being his ferocious desire to eat this music game for Breakfast (...and Lunch, if you've ever been for a meal with him, Dinner and Dessert too).

His debut mixtape - 'Str8 Out Da Oven', has a slick polish that isn't typical amongst the work of his peers, and that's what drew my initial attention. From the moment I pressed play on the streaming link he direct messaged me, to now, I've yet to bore of the body of work.

Now solely focused on the follow up, 'HipHopology:1stSemester' (End 2011); as one who's heard a number of the tracks up for selection so far, I can promise you - we're all going back to school soon.