Wednesday, 3 May 2017

THE BIG REVIEW: LCF Psychology in Fashion & Pop PR's AW17 Press Day

Aside from the first day of Fashion week - which I have yet to tell you about - I haven't really made it out to too many events so far this year; one because my health has not been conducive to making it outdoors and two, because I have been completely immersed in writing my debut novel. But as the fashion calendar starts to fill, there can be no denying that the shows are all on a rise, and so, out the likes of Yours Truly will trudge, to tell you all about what's been going on.

Yours Truly ready to face the day...
Last week for instance, there were two particular events of note that drew me away from my laptop (aka Hazie...cuz she's electric purple, a la Jimi Hendrix...?!) Well, the first was a Psychology in Fashion conference that I was convinced that I could not miss because of the Keynote Speaker - the one and only Caryn Franklin OBE whom, longtime readers will know that I am floored by, over and over again, having been a childhood icon of mine, that I have been blessed to interview twice on this very blog.

Unfortunately, my residual night pains and the daily difficulties that I suffer with as a result of the Fibromyalgia +12 (conditions); that I have been diagnosed with meant that getting to Central London from the outback in which I live, was a feat too impossible to surmount by 09:30 that day and, not wanting to disrupt the goings on, I decided to aim for the after lunch crowd, instead. My lovely Carer Kat and I were treated to five student presentations, all posing equally important questions to the world of comparative thinking. As interesting as they were however, it wasn't until an emergency stand in by Dr Carolyn Mair, Consultant in Psychology for Fashion, that the event really came alive for me.

Dr Mair gave a rousing presentation intended for another audience the following day, on the sustainability, but more importantly, the responsibility we have as fashion partakers; not just sitting back on our laurels and accepting what is fed to us, but also questioning what we think, read, and buy, for the good of our own land. I was glued not just to her every word, but to her gorgeous sense of style - her outfit of a pleather, black, capped sleeved tunic, with skinny black jeans with frayed edges and the most to die for gold patent pumps that I think I have ever seen!

Fast forward two days and I was the one donning black and gold, this time for Pop PR, who kicked off the Autumn Winter season for their roster of artists on this side of the globe and off of it.

Andrew Majtenyi
Headed to Fitzrovia, this time with the beautiful Daniela in tow to take care of me, we headed to the Oui Group UK studios, to look at such items of beauty that I was lost for a moment in time. Beginning with the beautiful works of Andrew Majtenyi, I was entranced by his idyllic patterns and bodycons that had me wishing that I was the exact circumference of slimmest finger to fit into them. Next came the sumptuous furs, leather and suede of Hallie Sara for that essence of glitterati glamour to fully wash over you.

Hallie Sara

Shoes by Ganor Dominic followed and the designer herself was on hand to talk through her creations; unfortunately, we did not get the chance to share more than a cursory few words, but I found her to be very open and sweet as I eavesdropped! Framing her table were racks by the talented Laura Theiss, whose mesh, wool and crochet work were definitely the styles you want keeping you warm this so-called Spring (nee Winter). Leave it to my personal favourite, Ashley Isham to turn my eyes with teal blue gowns, amber mesh jackets and gold, sequinned jumpsuits that had me hankering for the male side of the wardrobe.

Jayne Pierson
Responsible for the Piece de Resistance, Jayne Pierson and her old Hollywood coat of peach-coloured, ostrich feathers, that wouldn't have been out of place on the backs of Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Dandridge, or Marilyn Monroe, made a new school convert out of me. Wanting to try on almost everything on her rack; it was her grafitti-covered leather jackets, one with rubber studs, the other with mesh sleeves, that brought loving tears to my eyes. Danslavie were to be found on the next rail but - being that her entire collection was made out of snake-skin (which I personally hate), I'm afraid you won't see much of what were some otherwise fantastic designs and cuts here!

Misa Harada London
Belle Sauvage and their statement garments caught my eye next, right before I was taken on an adornment journey - courtesy of millinery designers Misa Harada london. They had a design for every mood and some sparkle to cap it off...(see what I did there)? Okay, okay, well before you have me hung, drawn and quartered, let me first tell you that Sorapol delivered in all of their pearly iridescent finery.

Malan Breton's brilliance couldn't be confined to one rail; and so his New York and London collections were both there to be gasped at, along with a skincare and cosmetics range that just screamed 'Try Me'. Haircare brand Colour Proof were on hand for makeovers, before you reached the home stretch of jewellery makers Pyrrha for some elegant, ethereal vintage designs that were at once unique and delicate.

Malan Breton

Earrings by Zhang Yue
Additional hustle and bustle at the next table indicated something extra special was taking place. Fashion Crossover's London Team were representing a selection of creative talents from China who had created some of the most beautiful accessories I had seen all day. From hair adornments to jewellery, the display and background talk were definitely worth taking in. Back to the racks and the simple subtleties of Mimi Tran were next. Her embroidered range was stunning and not at all overpowering because the garment cuts themselves were simple canvases, clearly chosen to let the detailing shine, and that it did; a lovely collection.

Mark Fast
The works of Mark Fast were immediately recognisable because of his glamourous feather detailing. Like Jayne Pierson before him, he made sumptuous work of the ostrich feathers, until each piece screamed red carpet glamour. I reached Vivienne Pash, on the final rack just as the team were shutting up shop, and relished the symmetrical, column lines of her velvet and sequinned designs.

Reaching the end of the line was like coming down from a high, and so I had in mind my next fix. I had been double-booked to attend the press day of another professional friend of mine, only I hadn't noticed the time creep by until there wasn't enough time left to attend my second engagement! What that said was kudos to the ever lovely Portia 'Pop' Shaw and her team for putting on such a spectacular, prosecco-filled event, that allowed me to completely lose my sense of space and time - Cheers, my friend - here's to the next one!

For a look at the displays last week, head on over to the ESintheP Facebook Page, where you can revel in all the splendour.

Until the next...

All images by Erica Sharlette for EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd.

Monday, 1 May 2017

THE BIG REVIEW: 'Strength of A Woman' by Mary J. Blige

So I'll bet you're wondering where I've been? Why hath I deserted you once again? I can only apologise folks, but I have two very good reasons for my season of silence...

First, is that since my stint in Bath at the end of October/beginning of November, I have been recovering from the experience; I know it may seem like a long time for that to your lovely selves, but pour moi - 13 chronic, degenerative illnesses work in their own time. The second (way more interesting) reason is that Yours Truly has been working hard on my debut novel! Remember when I told you I had a BIG secret to be revealed? Well this was it - for a taster of what's to come, check out a preview chapter on the ESintheP Facebook Page. Not right now though - now we get down to business.

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul has returned, and I just couldn't let the occasion pass without saying something. I guess you will have all heard by now that Her Majesty has returned to the painful roots that we all know and love her for (not to get in her business, but it's no secret that the Queen no longer has a King, what with her 12-year marriage to Kendu Isaacs imploding after she discovered he was fooling around with her protege on her dime). Whilst she says that she named the album before everything went the southern route, it's clearly evident from standout anthems like Thick of It, the freakishly Faith Evans inducing Set Me Free, and U + Me (Love Lesson), that Ms. Mary put her pain in the music. It's one big cathartic 'cheque please'.

There is not a single dud on this album, each track is as good as the last. It's a GRAMMY-worthy plethora of singles with production for days. An album full of testimonies that see her credit not her own 20+ year, built up resilience, but the Good and Gracious Man Upstairs and his Son for her strength, the overall message also denotes a humility that we can all recognise as true from a Mary who has grown into a mightily wise woman. Without one ounce of the cockiness that some with as many years in the game as she, could justifiably hold; it is definitely this down-to-Earth Diva that so many herald as a true, living, loving, life guru.

Whilst this album is the equative result of the bombastic beats of My Life +  the self-love message of No More Drama; it's beautiful to see Mary's growth as an artist explicitly implied. Unlike the desperation and loss of direction implied in Mary's earlier heartbreak compilations, this one carries a different overall message (hence the No More Drama element) - she's not beaten, and she's not broken; in fact, she's Indestructible. Kudos to her for the personal growth that shines through into the music. Featuring spots from Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Quavo, Missy Elliott, Prince Charlez, KAYTRANADA and BADBADNOTGOOD; let's be honest, the world is always gonna close ranks and support this member of royalty.

'Strength of A Woman' is available from all independent retailers now.

Make sure you come back Wednesday for updates on my shenanigans of the past week; including stops at the London College of Fashion, and Pop PR's Press Day; where I show you some of the latest from their extremely talented list of designers.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

#ESPnews: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show & British Fashion Awards 2016

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Another year, another drama filled show! Taking place in Paris, in the year when the show becomes legal in it's home town; a total of 12 'Angels' graced the runway, supported by 39 VS models, with their amazing walks and to-die-for bodies.

Elsa Hosk opened the show
Kicking the show off with Elsa Hosk and a cultural infusion for the 'Road Ahead' theme; the show paid homage to Chinese New Year, with beautiful costumes and wings dedicated to the Asian Orient. After a video montage by a handful of the models on what it's like to be walking in the Paris show; Lady Gaga gave us her 2 Euros on what it's like to be one of the show's three performers (the others being Bruno Mars and The Weeknd), inducted into the "Angel family".

Performing 'Million Reasons' in a black lace see-through gown, covered in red roses with green stems, with an Eva Peron-worthy chignon, thick, black winged eyes, bright red lips, and blood red nails; she interacted with the 'Angels' perfectly during the start of their 'Mountain Romance' theme; without an Ariana Grande à la 2015-style mishap in sight.

After her stellar delivery, Bruno Mars was up next. We saw him fixing his gold rings as his entourage joined him en route to the stage. Someone should probably have warned him that amidst the world's crème de la crème of models, performing 'Chunky' in that mink coat was probably gonna be a bad idea - especially with all that jheri-curl juice; 1. It makes the runway hazardous, and 2. There's not a dry cleaner's in the world who can get rid of all that drippage...thankfully, they're all professionals, and as a result, there were no casualties during the PINK label segment.

Next, new 'Angel' Josephine shared what it was like the moment she got the news that she was moving up the echelon of a Victoria's Secret model, and what happens on the journey from 'model' to 'Angel'; before 'IT' Girl Gigi Hadid took her turn. Giving an emotional speech about wanting to be an 'Angel' since she was a child, and her breakout show last year, before introducing baby sister Bella. The two shared a beautiful moment crying for each other, and celebrating being the first sisters to ever walk the show, before cutting to a nervous Bella's debut.

She shouldn't have worried though, she knew the next performer pretty well - it was ex-boyfriend Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd. Performing his latest hit 'Starboy'; Hadid walked beautifully and as one tweet described it: fulfilled every woman's dream about running into her ex, by looking as flawless as possible!

The VS 'Angel' sisters then waxed lyrical in a montage about the super perfect Adrianna *moment of silence* Lima, and her ultra perfect walk, with a few even impersonating her - including the equally perfect Alessandra Ambrosio. It's truly a moment to behold.

Before we see the 'Dark Angel' segment, we are introduced to a responsible montage from the 'Angels' talking about their fitness regimes, and what it takes to make it onto that runway. I don't know about you, but they certainly inspired me to get my fitness level to peak excellence. I need to speak to somebody about that...stick a pin (for now). Back to the show, and Gaga was back for a triple way ensemble with a jacket change between her mashup of 'A-Yo' and 'John Wayne' that saw her don her own 'Angel' wings at the close of the number. In the tallest boots of the night, with a killer walk to rival the models, she even earned the right to rock the Fantasy Bra in my humble opinion. We also saw Kendall Jenner for the second time during this segment.

Hearing from show Executive Producer Ed Razek next; we heard about the literal global domination of the brand and the 'Angels', learning of their achievements over the past year, before Jasmine Tookes displayed this year's Fantasy Bra, in the 'Bright Night Angel' segment, which closed the show.

Phenomenal and droolworthy as ever, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was most definitely a night to remember...

To watch the show in full, visit the Victoria's Secret website where, all of the pieces in the show are now available to purchase (except that Fantasy Bra...).


British Fashion Awards

This year's nominees were shared with you right here on 26 October from the hospital bed of Yours Truly; and every fashion pundit went into overdrive, trying to guess who was going to take the Swarovski crystals home. Well as promised then, here are last night's winners in the main categories:

International Ready-To-Wear Designer of the Year:
Alessandro Michele for Gucci
Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga
Donatella Versace for Versace
Jonathan Anderson for Loewe
Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy

International Accessories Designer of the Year:

Alessandro Michele for Gucci
Anya Hindmarch MBE for Anya Hindmarch
Johnny Coca for Mulberry
Jonathan Anderson for Loewe
Stuart Vevers for Coach

International Model of the Year:
Adwoa Aboah
Bella Hadid
Gigi Hadid
Kendall Jenner
Lineisy Montero

International Urban Luxury Brand of the Year:
Gosha Rubchinskiy

International Business Leader of the Year:

Adrian Joffe for Comme Des Garçons & Dover Street Market
Christopher Bailey MBE for Burberry
Guram Gvasalia for Vetements
Marco Bizzarri for Gucci
Stephanie Sassi for Valentino

British Brand of the Year:
Alexander McQueen
Christopher Kane
Stella McCartney

British Womenswear Designer of the Year:
Christopher Kane for Christopher Kane
Jonathan Anderson for JW Anderson
Roksanda Ilincic for Roksanda
Sarah Burton for McQueen
Simone Rocha for Simone Rocha

British Menswear Designer of the Year:

Craig Green for Craig Green
Grace Wales Bonner for Wales Bonner
Jonathan Anderson for JW Anderson
Tom Ford for Tom Ford
Dame Vivienne Westwood for Vivienne Westwood

British Emerging Talent of the Year:
Alessandra Rich
Charles Jeffrey
Faustine Steinmetz
Molly Goddard
Self Portrait

Well now, how many did you call correctly? I must admit, I got several less right than usual, even the International Model of the Year, which I was certain was going to Bella Hadid - I must be off my game!

That's all for this week folks, I'll see you back here next week for my last but one post of the year!

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

THE BIG REVIEW in the #ESPspotlight: 'Awaken, My Love!' by Childish Gambino

Oh, how good it is to be back! Have you missed me? Because I've missed you darlings, and after not having the use of my arms or hands for the last 9 days, I can honestly tell you, to be able to deliver this to you is a beautiful miracle within itself. Now then, to business. I have been in love with Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, ever since I saw his skinny frame do a turn as 'Andre' in my personal favourite flick of 2015 (I'm not going to mention the title of it, but just know that it was XXL for good no, great measure, my ponies...); I realise this makes me late to the party, but hey - how else does one make an entrance?!

Childish Gambino's Awaken, My Love! wins the award for creepiest album cover...
Having listened to John Legend's new album Darkness and Light earlier, it struck me that in comparison to Childish Gambino's opening track , Legend's was so...well, for want of a better term - blah! Most people would substitute that with vanilla, but here's the thing, vanilla is one of my favourite flavours, I think it's deeelish; so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to substitute vanilla with a lesser loved, bland flavour, in my humble opinion, like...Chocolate. I'm going to compare the opening of John Legend's album flavour to chocolate. Not the good, Ferrero Rocher kind of chocolate, obviously; I'm talking the 26p, supermarket own brand stuff, that only tastes of bicarbonate of soda and butter.

Gambino's opener, Me and Your Mama on the other hand; aside from the disturbing, never to be considered connotations evoked by that title, delivered a boot to your face opener that you feel way deep in your spleen - Bluesy, soulful, and dripping with Prince-esque, melodic screams of pain; this, is vanilla music, my friends, and it's sumptuously, finger lickin' good.

Have Some Love begins with a thick drum beat, followed by a choir intro straight out of the deep South. Gambino begins with a quiet vocal growing from the background, delivered in a staccato beat against the backdrop of the 70's funk beat. By the time he reaches the forefront, the choir returns, and you realise that they are delivering the chorus, singing deep and true about spreading love amongst your fellow man, and in your community.

By the intro of Boogieman you're fairly sure that Glover was high when he recorded this album. Yes, I know, all the signs were there, but I missed them - what can I say, I'm sober. The Hendrix meets Mayfield-like production treatment of 70's Soul+Funk+Rock is psychedelic love pouring through your speakers; all you're missing is a lava lamp and an afro.

If ever there was proof of the loftiness of Gambino's state of mind, Zombies is it. Whilst there is an argument to be made that there is a deeper, existential level on which the true meaning of this song lies, ie. some reference to the corporate suits sucking an artist's creativity dry for profit, For the most part, you just think he's lost in a purple haze.

Riot sounds like a Black Panther cry in 2016. A musically political statement, it's a black leather glove-clad fist in the air to socialism and the socioeconomic state of people, as a whole, around the world.

Redbone has a great, catchy melody to back the metaphorical lyrics, which I must admit, did take a second listen for me to really grasp. Talking to a lady who won't give him any sweet good loving; Gambino waits for the duration of the first verse, but by the second, he's over it, and it's her turn to persuade him to stick around. I guess you could say that he comes full circle, if you know what I'm saying...

California exudes the State's sunshine through the production, which samples Charles Wright's 'Express Yourself' for it's effective sound. The characterisation that Gambino employs for this, and every song thus far are part of what make this album as prolific as it is in terms of good fantasy-filled songs. It's odd, but captivating, and you cannot wait to see where he is going to take it all next.

In this case, it's to track number eight, entitled Terrified. Led by an eerie bass, Gambino sings as smoothly as MJ on Thriller, only way more frightening when he suddenly talks about eating you,,,the production is stellar, the backing track a beautifully mellow composition filled with muted Soulful instruments, that contribute to make a ridiculously hot track. The anonymous female vocal adds a slick touch that turns this into a masterpiece.

Baby Boy is an ode to a newborn on the brink of losing his father to the law, completely throwing you from where you thought the track was going to go lyrically. The direction takes you completely by surprise, and as you listen to the track being played on the harpsichord, you can't help but think that if this album doesn't walk away with a serious award collection, then someone clearly isn't listening. The bass-led track screams the pain of loss through the instruments, and makes you feel every single ounce of it - Exemplary.

The Night Me and Your Mama Met is a soft, funk-based, soul-filled track that makes you think of being on the beach at night, with the waves lapping all around you; and by the time the harmonies start, it's as if the very sea is singing to you itself. The electric guitar is haunting and spellbinding, telling a 'when our eyes first met across a crowded room' story that plays out in your own mind.

Album closer, Stand Tall is the only track where Gambino dispenses with the persona, and is himself. His voice is beautiful, rich, roughly textured, and raspy. Andre is back in the building Ladies and Gentlemen, and even though the topic is of the message passed down first from Father to Son, then from Mother, it is seductive beyond belief. The reverb adds legendary finesse to the depth of his tone, and the range he displays is smooth and reminiscent of Mr Marvin Gaye himself. Truly beautiful work.


When musicians talk of creating art, this is the type of work to which they aspire. Childish Gambino's album completely surpasses most of the albums that have come out this year. It sounds like nothing else we have heard, with the exception of Solange's A Seat At the Table (look for a little something special coming on that before the end of the year) and is in a league completely of it's own. This is an artist to watch people - and not just because he's a genius with a serenade about women named Caroline...

Until the next...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


I have long admired the works of the uber-talented Imogen Belfield. In addition to one of a kind designs, Belfield's work inspires an attitude that, if you're not prepared to exude, then you frankly have no business wearing. She's tough, she's sassy, and absolutely no pushover. You get all that from looking at just one piece of her creations; but, not to be ignored, Belfield's designs make you believe that the jewels are a kind and beautiful light that shines from within. Anyone who's seen this lady's smile will know what I'm talking about.

Here, she tells us about her work, and how she infuses it with a genius recognised by some of the world's biggest stars. Read on...

1. Your designs are not for the faint-hearted. Where does your vision come from, do you have a muse?

The Stunning Imogen Belfield
The work stems from my background in fine art and sculpture. Working directly in 3d materials. This is my first love, creating objects with my hands. I adore the artists St. Vincent and Bowie.

2. You went through extensive training, but your designs are so complicated - how did you learn to bring your vision to life?

It started with some short silver-smithing courses near Brighton. From there I went to Falmouth art school and completed an art foundation. It was there that I really got to play with metal on a large scale, which then transcended into my degree work at The Cass in London. When graduating I knew I wanted to build a commercially successful business. So I had to adapt my avant-garde work and transform them into wearable and functional objects to adorn the body, without losing their abstract flare.

3. Remembering the first celebrity to wear your designs, how did it come about, and how did you feel?

It was the super 5 supermodels! All in one amazing photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and following film with Duran Duran. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Yasmin le Bon and Helena Christensen all wore my jewellery for that particular campaign. That was utterly amazing!

4. You have brand Ambassadors - what functions do they perform, and what message do you want them to convey?

They choose to wear the pieces because they genuinely feel an affinity to them. It is always great to have endorsement from such iconic artists. That’s a great feeling.

5. Which is your favourite piece and why?

TheGoddessChoker in 18 Karat gold and diamonds. It took months to complete, and was a work in progress. It challenged me technically, which is always healthy, as it takes me out of my comfort zone, and continues to allow me to push the boundaries in art and design.

Imogen's 'Goddess' Necklace

6. Which has been your hardest piece to create and why?

The ‘Goddess’ Choker Necklace. Only one of these has ever been made. Each component has been meticulously carved in gold and created by hand. Every element to this design is bespoke, including the hinges and chain components.

7. You have won a plethora of awards - which one is most special and why?

They are all special in their own ways. The last award was a huge deal for me, winning the ‘Best In Goldaward at the Couture Design Awards for the ‘GoddessNecklace! That was a very special evening.

8. What one piece of your education do you bear in mind everyday and why?

Go with your gut instinct.

9. What inspired you to become a designer?

An innate love for art and fashion.

10. What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring designer, who doesn't know how to get into the industry?

Take every opportunity you can. Map out a business plan with your 1,2 and 5 year goals. Projecting ambition in this way is a great way of making your dreams a reality.

A photo posted by Imogen Belfield (@imogenbelfield) on

A humongous thanks to Imogen for taking the time out of her hectic (and I do mean hectic) schedule to answer a few questions for us. I don't know about you, but I learned some information that I've been dying to find out for some time now! How about you? Do you have any questions for Imogen? Did her answers raise any questions in your mind? Feel free to share them on YOUR stage below - we want to know!

I hope you enjoyed reading this brand new feature as much as I did writing it. That's all for this week though - meet me back here next week for an introduction to my next Featured Artist.

Until the next...!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Apology (I'm Saying Sorry & I Really Mean It).

To My Dear, Sweet Faithful Readers:

I owe you the sincerest of apologies - and I truly hope you will accept it.

When I relaunched this blog, I made you certain promises around the regularity of posts and what you could come to expect from me. Over the last month or so, despite my best efforts, I have failed to deliver on all of those, and I am so sorry for that.

Not that it is any excuse, but over the past month or so, I have been in hospital again (pain management rehab to be exact), and been dealing with the subsequent crushing recovery from the experience.

It has been tough to say the least, rough to degrees that are difficult to describe, but I will attempt to, because it is the least that you deserve from me.

My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) has been one of the worst contenders, making it difficult for me to function on a daily basis. When I recently tried to explain the condition and effects to a friend, she said: "I love sleep! Sleep is my best friend - that sounds brilliant!" I had to explain to her that it's not so great when you fall asleep within the time it takes to lift a fork/spoon from your plate to your mouth, or the time it takes you to chew a morsel of food, causing you to choke on it and endanger your life. It's not so great when in the time it takes you to move from a sitting to a standing position, you can go out like a light and endanger your safety, and even your life. You don't love sleep when you have to be watched constantly, or even fed like a baby, to prevent these things from happening. Sleep is not your 'best friend' then, and it's definitely not brilliant.

My Tremor Attacks have also been a significant problem, slowing me down and rendering me useless for the time (sometimes days) that it takes to recover from them physically. They have been nasty, and they have been numerous.

I have also been dealing with the pain and effects of Fibromyalgia; again, there are and have been far too many side effects to mention, but to label just a few, I have been suffering from joint, nerve and muscle pain which has, on several occasions, rendered me completely incapacitated.

Lastly, I have been suffering from breathing problems and chest pains in the area of my heart, where last year, an A&E doctor diagnosed that my Fibromyalgia had moved into my heart muscles. The pain from breathing has been leaving me completely breathless, dizzy, and in indescribable pain, which in turn has left me utterly debilitated.

Now I'm not going to try to pretend that all of these were new pains that I had not experienced before; but exacerbated by the stress caused by my hospital trip (to Bath, by the way), it meant that the levels experienced were, and still are, much greater than usual.

So bearing all of the above in mind, I pray that you will understand, and forgive my lack of posts recently - they were not for the want of trying

I am also under the deadline of a 'Secret Project', which I will be revealing via the ESintheP Facebook Page on December 16 at 10:00. Trying to prepare for this, as well as dealing with all of the above, has been no easy task at all - I promise you that! You are all more than welcome to get involved - in fact, I welcome it, please do show up, so you can find out what I've been working on, and partake in the project in your own special way.

I look forward to sharing my accomplishments, so please be there to engage with me - it wouldn't be the same without you.

Until the next...