Thursday, 7 March 2013

#ESPspotlight Review for My Flash Trash: 'NEON Chain' Necklace by Flash Trash Girl!

You know what I love most about the 'NEON Chain' Necklace by Flash Trash Girl? It symbolises everything that someone like me wants from their jewellery. From the moment it arrived, I declared this 'My DIVA Piece'!

Rock On Twitches!
Imagine wearing Tina Turner around your neck in full-on, Ikette mode; it's Dramatic with the long tassles that DEMAND your attention. The jewelled embellishments sit atop those like a crown. Windsor or Bohemian, these rocks Incite a rhapsodical 'Queen-like' feel. Vivacious in a colour that screams sass, this necklace is nothing short of rose gold Attitude on a thin rope chain. As soon as you don it, you'll be powerless to contain your Inner Rock Chick; smacking the innocent out the way in her efforts to escape...Just look at what happened when I did?!

Perfect for the nickel and lead-allergic like myself, I love that the d├ębut label from MFT didn't go for the easily obtainable, economically viable materials so favoured by mass-producers, that would exclude sensitive-skinned wearers like myself from indulging. On a 16-inch chain, the 2-inch adjustable extension means that you can play with where it hangs for added impact...

A great way to emphasise the d├ęcolletage, dahlings...!

I thought the Lulu Liu AW13 Catwalk Show at London Fashion Week was the perfect place for the 'NEON Chain' Necklace's 'B.A.R.T'...Now if you're wondering what the heck I'm on about, well the concept is quite a simple one. When I sat down to think about how I should approach these reviews and what I, as a consumer would really want to know, as opposed to the typical 'Sales Copy', I decided that just looking at the pretty things wasn't going to cut it. If I'm being asked to part with my hard-earned cash, then I want to know how the product will fare in the Fierce  Female Field and so, the 'Brand Ambassador Road Test' or 'B.A.R.T' for short, was born. Yes, you are permitted to read on with the Bart Simpson song in the back of your mind - I know I will...

Considering the occasion and the finery that surrounded my photog friend Rebecca and I, this necklace caught the attention of a Fashion PR Rep who spends her days in European Fashion Houses with the Best of the Best. It's not heavy and doesn't get caught up in the fabric of what you're wearing like so many fiddly-looking pieces can be prone to do. I thought it was going to be forever annoying me for that very reason but honestly, once it went on, I forgot it was there until the compliments started rolling in!

Post-show with the lovely Alison Lewy, Founder of Fashion Mentoring, Networking and Start Up Assistance Organisation, Fashion Angel (Photography by Rebecca Need-Menear)

A pure, statement addition to your jewellery collection, the 'NEON Chain' Necklace also has matching earrings for added drama...

The Pink NEON Chain Necklace by Flash Trash Girl

Feedback is, as always, welcome in the Comment Box below - what do you think of this piece? Do you own the 'NEON Chain'? Does it fuel your Inner Rock Chick? Let me know!

Until next time...
ES ;)