Saturday, 9 June 2012

#FindOutFriday - Summer School Specials!

So for the 21st #FindOutFriday of 2012, I wanted to do something different.

I love, Love, LOVE talking to new people, delving further into their talents and learning about what it took to create the works they share with me. Research and investigation. When it's about things you actually want to learn about, the enjoyment is a no-brainer, right? That is where my vile, once upon a time Maths Teacher, Mr Everett had it oh so WRONG (clearly I'm not mistaken; we won't talk about my final grade - just know that it supports my theory and he was a really BAD teacher).

With this blog, I'm Blessed to have a vehicle for learning at my disposal. I even have a feature dedicated to accruing knowledge if we apply that #FindOut part with a fresh perspective. Add being a Lady to that and any of my Sistren will tell you that changing my mind is my genetic prerogative. What I saw was an outfit I get to dress up differently, because it's a Garment with Give...

So when a recurrent question popped up a few days ago whilst still debating this fresh angle, like a questionable outfit with an unexplainable appeal, my stubbornness came up with a different style of dress. This #FindOutFriday I'm introducing 'Summer School Specials'. There's only one question and I'll be answering for everyone who wonders! We're starting with Fashion and going back to that earlier mentioned question? Well you can blame it on the boots...

Eyes on the Prize...they WILL be Mine!
Planning the next day's outfit a few nights ago, I plotted on these babies when they mysteriously showed up at my disposal after disappearing for a spell. I have been in love with these boots throughout my life's duration and presented many a compelling argument as to why they should change ownership. My Mother swears blind I get my good shoe taste from her and these are one of the very rare cases where I'll concede.

After the 'HarleQueens' piece with Charli-Anne only a few hours before I wondered; do they constitute 'Vintage' or, cute as they are, are they just Old? If the latter, then does that mean that 'Vintage' is just a fancy synonym for items that have seen better days? One of my favourite mottos came to mind and since one can never argue with Julie Andrews, Class - let's start at the very beginning:

 - What Is Vintage?

So if you want to know the first thing about Fashion, where else are you going to go, but to the AllStars, right? Wrong. Well, I did cyber strut over to for their definition, but only by way of my own personal Fashion Fairy...She's about 5ft sans skyscraper heels, a brunette, has a lot of tattoo art and a design flair that the V Army just aren't ready for. Of course I asked Charli-Anne!

"To me, a vintage item is an object of beauty or style, with a significance of more than 20 (years). It could be something with a memory attached to it, or it could be something that is crafted particularly well."

The 'Halcyon' Earrings, so named for Charli-Anne's Grandmother (AW11)

And as for how those beloved designs fit the bill?

"With Deer Oh Deer Ltd., the aim is for our pieces to be vintage from the get-go, never just old! We're inspired by true vintage style."

The 'VIVID' Collection (SS11)

When it came time to consult the wider circle, the Atelier-Mayer definition said it best to my untrained ear:

' Strictly speaking, vintage fashion is clothing and accessories that are at least 25 years old. However, as vintage fashion is now coveted the world over, it can be as little as two season's ago.

An item described as 'vintage' should speak of the era in which it was produced, of a certain quality, standard, fashion, design and aesthetic. Vintage is a term applicable to a wider variety of objects, including items that may or may not be antique.'

Although I was also taken with the breakdown from an Australian Vogue forum:

"Vintage in the way that we mean it, has a 'look' of other eras...Something with a bit of Charm and Individuality

Well since these side-plaits charm the disco glitter off of me and they  pre-date my birth by a number of years that we shall only refer to as 'X'; I can safely say that these (soon to be mine) classics are most definitely, Vintage.

If there's anything that you lovely people would like to study in the #FindOutFriday Summer School Series, leave your suggestions in the comment box and you never know what you may see in the next lesson plan...

As always, Interact with us - we like it!

And if you enjoyed this week's class, don't forget there's that little competition ongoing...something about Blog Awards, Next and Cosmopolitan Magazine...? Feedback from my fellow students in either category that you think applies would be greatly appreciated!

See you soon!
ES ;o)