Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Grand Finale: 'Lost In Music' Special, March Music in the ESPspotlight

Today marks the end of the month-long dedication to all things Musical here on the ESP blog. Exploring all facets of my personal favourite form of expression, the past 31 days have been an introspective snapshot into Understanding, Creating, Performing and Promoting Music - four aspects that go into helping those with an interest in gaining a new perspective, as well as Artists creating a fully interactive journey through their package

Now whilst a slight interruption put a bump in the road with this week's competitions, I decided it was only right to round up the month in style, by offering up one last 'Food For Musical Thought' to set you up nicely.

Don't drop a bomb on your own career...
(Photo courtesy of sayskakodkar)
There's a particular mode of thinking that I will go to my wooden box swearing that all Artists need to adapt to - Pronto. Gone are the days of thinking about Music promotions as just standalone singles and album projects. If you caught my '2 Justins & A BeyoncĂ©' post last weekend, then you will recall my talking about the evolution from the 4Ps of Marketing to the 4Es. People, ie. Artists are the new 'Product'. In today's social culture, Artists have to realise that their message and ideal is what audiences are buying. Every tweet, every facebook status, every single message in the public domain, weighs your brand scale on a specific side, adding or killing a potential sale.

The time to enjoy the process in making your music is before and after the Promotional phase. To shine your own spotlight in the right direction, then momentarily at least, stop thinking like a Creator - the promotional period is when you Think Like A Brand...

How many times do you post status messages in a fit of rage or just a plain old bad mood? Have you thought about who might be reading them? The label representative who likes your work, but is keeping a silent eye on you to see what cons come with your pros? The Music Promoter looking to book the lineup for their night, with the Police's Risk Assessment form 696 first and foremost in their mind? Or how about the established Artist who's heard great things about you, likes your work, but has no intention of bringing a whiff of scandal to their name? Each one of those options carry infinite, life-changing opportunities if your public persona is managed correctly. Many will want to argue that basic freedom of speech means that Artists can do and say what they want and, the fact that they are Artists makes them twice as right. Wrong.

Compare the losses of controlling your online appearance with the potential losses of a single one of the above opportunities...which is easier to let go of?

Think about it now!

For the very last 'Lost In Music' offering, I'm leaving you with something Inspirational from one of the most talented lyricists that Music has to offer. You are the key to your own career paths people - tread wisely...

Not just for kids - aspirations exist in all of us, use the lessons from the past month to turn them into a reality. I know YOU can!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday everyone (save me some chocolate)!
ES ;)