Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How Old Is Your Musical Soul? 'Lost In Music' Competition - March Music In The ESP Spotlight

Once Upon A Time, at the tender age of 8 years old, I remember being in the kid's dressing room for Carmen Jones at The Old Vic theatre. Our chaperone had wangled us a cassette deck to help pass the time (translation: stop us annoying her) between rehearsals and our curtain time. Being a card-carrying member of the Mary Poppins club even then - in other words, my school bag was a bottomless pit that housed everything you could ever need, for any situation - I was the only one with a tape (Nite Flite 1 - it's a Classic)! 80s RnB was not what the other Younguns wanted to hear, and so halfway through the B-side, one young madam hit the Stop button and unceremoniously handed me back my "tape full of 'Rents' Music', choosing Silence over Soul musicHeathen Child...

To this day, I still listen to music from before my time - in fact, if it came down to a choice, my preference will rarely be for the current release, unless it's by a favourite artist of mine. Classical, Jazz, Soul, Country and Western (better believe this Lady is #TeamKenny); Blues, Big Band, Disco - don't let the youthful, impish grin fool you (unless I'm in trouble, in which case, you should let my charms make a mockery of your worst disciplinary intentions) - I'm pretty sure my Musical Soul is older than electricity.

Reading one Dr Victoria Williamson - she sure is a smart lady - it seems there is no leading clinical study in psychology to define and measure musicality, or identification - we're basically too awesome and complex. But there IS a fun little pastime that, if you have 25 minutes to spare, is worth giving a go. Why don't you answer the BBC as they ask you: 'How Musical Are You?'

Look Ma, it's OFFICIAL: I'm NOT Human, I'm a Music Bot!
Which means that labour fallacy can no longer be used as leverage!

I gave it a go and apparently, I barely notice the artform and it has little to no impact on my existence overall...

Just kidding! They say I'm a Music Nut in a very 'PC because it is the BBC' kind of way!

To celebrate what the Beeb left me with after picking through my brain, today's 'Music Moment' is my all-time favourite piece, and comes courtesy of my all-time favourite composer! It's got everything I need from note ONE: A call to arms, it's sultry, it's dramatic and you feel the story unfold as the composition goes on which is somewhat hilarious, considering it was unfinished on it's public début. This hypnotically gorgeous piece of music made history when it's Composer decided to just 'wing it' at it's 1924, Aeolian Hall première in New York City.

Ladies and Gents, I give you George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody In Blue':

How do you not love that? The question it raises in my mind though, is how do we apply our musical age and identity to what we produce?

The music I was raised on, went a lot farther, to produce a lot less than today's mainstream, and the bottom line was always finesse. With the multitude that we have at our disposal that, to me, says that we should be doing much more to demonstrate the innovation and evolution of music and marketing since those times. With that in mind, my application is to always feature strong content, but focus on a different aspect than my competitors en masse, and then package it with that same finesse!

That's why every day this month, I'm giving away services by me personally to help package and promote you and your product with - have you guessed it? Yep - that 'f' word! TWO lucky winners will get the opportunity to have their brand's social media foundation built, and their initial content maintained by one 'ES in the P'! All you have to do to be in with a chance, is answer one easy peasy, lemon squeezy question via email, before 20:13 tonight! You ready? 

Here goes:

George Gershwin also composed another massive hit about a 'foreigner' in the city currently hosting it's final day of Haute Couture Fashion Week. There is even a classic Gene Kelly film of the same name - Name That Tune!

In the last question I asked:

"No-one opens up the door, for a Native New Yorker..."

'The second to showcase in the four major fashion cities of the world; London Fashion Week was preceded by a city whose 'Natives' just so happen to make up part of a massive hit by 70s Disco Group, Odyssey - Name That Tune!'

The answer was 'Native New Yorker', of course!

Well done to those who gave it a go!

Now. I want to know your musical age in the Comments Box below - post a song or memory that gives an insight into how old you are musically! And if you're enjoying #MarchMusic thus far, let me know what you're liking (or not) in the same place!

Until the next...
ES ;)

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