Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Prose Over Pose: 'Lost In Music' Competition, March Music in the ESPspotlight

When I interviewed spoken word artist Poetika last year, I recall him talking about making that transition from the words he would write, to the ones that he would recite on stage as he became more comfortable with his talent and abilities. After the response to that interview and each reference I've made to the artform since, I knew I had to include a brilliant example during the Performance Week of this month-long, Lost In Music special. Stepping into the spotlight and getting comfortable within it, is a hurdle that all performers will have to overcome at some point, if they're going to progress within their chosen field.

If you caught my recent review of 'Chill Pill Connects...', the poetryspoken word and Improv showcase that took place at The Albany in Deptford at the end of last month - then you will remember that I was quite taken with Ms. Kristiana Rae Colón; the devastatingly talented Chicago-native who absolutely slayed me with a performance that had so many aspects to it, that I couldn't pick a favourite.

I remember watching the Def Jam Comedy and Poetry specials once upon a time, and as soon as Kristiana launched into her set there was an immediate familiarity which, so many years down the line, says a heck of a lot about her level of talent and the sheer quality of her performance the first time around. The variety of styles in her delivery meant there was never time for you to get bored; between the pace and story unfolding, you were completely engrossed in her every word. The imagery that she uses gives life to that saying "Painting pictures with words". Whilst that particular performance hasn't surfaced online, I have managed to find a spectacular set where Kristiana proves that her ability to mesmerise and draw in her audience was not just a one off. Get comfortable and enjoy...

This is a lady who wears a lot of hats. Being that one of them is actually a teacher's, it comes as no surprise that her method seems to be leading by example. I think the most important lesson that aspiring performers can take from Ms. Colón, is to find your niche and use it to make people listen. Bear in mind that in Kristiana's case, she is a seasoned professional with a multitude of experience behind her; so the ability to tie up so many aspects - imagery, pacing and delivery, are well-practised. My personal preference, is her ability to connect through emotion. I believe her pain and align it with my own past experiences - that ability to harness your audience's full attention and make them identify with you, is the mark of a knock out performance, that stays with you for years to come.

Bottom line: Find YOUR niche, set up home within it and get comfortable - it's the only way to ensure you remain there for some time.

Have you already found yours? If you know where your niche lies and you're well into decorating your digs, then you know where to share your feedback! Post your talents with links in the Comment Box below.

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So for today's question...

The Comedy and Poetry Jam series' were one of the many jewels in record label Def Jam's crown, during the 90s.

Name either of the label's co-founders (or both if you're a know it all)...

For yesterday's question I asked you:

With hair as big as her voice; Name The Diva who had two massive tracks, now synonymous with the Breakdance aka Breakin' films?

The answer is: The one and only Ms. Chaka Khan!

And Scene. Hope you enjoyed the latest - I'll catch you on the morrows. Nitey-Nite...
ES ;)

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