Friday, 1 March 2013


If Music be the Food of Love, then crown me the Biggest Eater!

This March, I'm going to be focusing on my first love, my biggest passion - No, not my quest to find the stage big enough to feature my secret, big-haired, sequin-clad, alter-ego under the spotlight she deserves. I mean the OTHER one...For the next four weeks, the #ESPspotlight will shine brightly on four corners of MUSIC

Aimed at helping YOU get ahead - no matter the avenue of your craft; this month-long special will look at UNDERSTANDING Music's potential reach; what goes into CREATING your chosen form of expression as well as some of the important issues that many face in its pursuit. The Artistry in PERFORMING, and finally, what constitutes good PROMOTION

As always, expect an eclectic mix of talented examples showcasing their works, alongside a field expert or few, with some invaluable tips and advice. There are still more surprises planned throughout the month, so please believe me when I tell you that you DON'T want to miss a single post over the next 31 days!

Somehow, Someday, I'll claim my rightful place in Motor City...

Back to the inspiration for the theme though...It's always been my dream to have a career in Music. Notice I didn't say 'The Music Industry', but the genre and artform itself. My first memories are a slideshow of images over Motown/Disco beats. I have to mentally rephrase every instinctive response, so as not to converse in song lyrics - my Soul proof of willpower (...see what I did there?!) If there is a mental recollection of any kind without a soundtrack attached? Well then my guess would be that it doesn't belong to me!

Music is my baseline, emotional response to everything - and I'm not even in command of an instrument. Whilst Music is the life partner for many like myself; I've also chanced upon maybe two people in my entire life, who actually stated that they HATE the artform. Now just because I still consider those people more extra-terrestrial than the most Marshians I've met (don't ask where I'm getting my empirical evidence for that one - not everything needs to occur in Vegas to be bound by 'The Rule'...); it did raise the burning question of Music's relationship with emotion in this former Psych-student's mind.

Where did the connection between the two come from? How did it start? And most importantly: how can we use it to affect branding and initiate consumer response from a non-musician's point of view? There's a reason that #NowPlaying is an almost 24-hour constant in Twitter's worldwide top ten trends, for instance; and an even bigger, relatable reason why you click those 'LIKE', or retweet those status updates when complete strangers post songs that mean something to you personally, on your timelines.

"For the artist, the goal of the painting or musical composition is not to convey literal truth, but an aspect of a universal truth that if successful, will continue to move and to touch people even as contexts, societies and cultures change."
(Daniel J. Levin, former Rocker turned Neuroscientist,
'This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science Of A Human Obsession', 2006)

Psychology has always been a fascinating subject to me, so when I was looking for a starting point to launch this theme after an absolutely stonking month of Fashion; the concept of a medley between the two all-consuming subjects just wouldn't refrain from niggling at me. The next seven days will be dedicated to looking at how we UNDERSTAND Music; how it impacts our emotional responses, and how we can apply that information to the work we're trying to sell. Since selling is ultimately what the 'Industrial' side is all about, not to mention how we keep the lights on; you can expect discounts and or Special Offers on select ESP services that will help you apply the week's theme to your own careers in the best way possible.

For instance, as the first stop in this month-long journey is all about how Music is perceived, both personally and by others looking at your content, this week's offer is based on building your foundation and basic branding message, that will help your audience understand You! 'ESPshowcase' is aimed at getting your Social Media House in order. Whether starting out, expanding your base reach, or hassle-free maintenance of existing accounts; options to manage your SM life are available from as little as £8.

From today until next Thursday, you can benefit from a free, single-level upgrade on all orders placed for 'Lights' packages. That means that not only will you receive your brand's standard business page / promotional account creation; but for the next SEVEN days, you can benefit from a bonus TWO hours of account management by Yours Truly! That includes managing your Facebook Page under the 'Camera' package, setting up your next event (if you have one); one week's worth of preset promotional tweets and more! Get in touch to talk about which option suits you best!

So in addition to all the usual interviews and reviewsare you ready for something a little bit different this month? Then in the words of Timothy Leary, "Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out" all other distractions. The first instalment is on the way...

ES ;)