Monday, 18 March 2013

Breakin Baby! 'Lost In Music' Competition, March Music in the ESPspotlight

Well now. Who's still green, but for an entirely different, and far more nauseous reason than yesterday?! You'll feel better as soon as the beer dye wears off, honest!

Since most of you will be hanging far worse than on your typical Monday; I wanted today's Lost In Music special to start your week off with the smile that your hangover is trying to hide. You cannot stay grumpy whilst reading this one - I promise you!

Last week, as I enjoyed my favourite 5 News bulletin of the day, I caught a snippet of a performance that went immediately viral when it was uploaded the day after the Chelles Battle Pro 2013. Held on the 2nd of this month, the annual, East Parisian, Bboy Dancefest made more waves than usual on this side of the shores for one specific reason - and her (Bgirl) name is TERRA.

At 6-years-old, she has been 'breaking' since the tender age of 2 (see now, if I knew I could call my falls and tumbles that, I would totally have been cooler in nursery). Introduced by her (barely) older sister Eddie, the two have been competing ever since! When I decided that I would need to include a Dance feature in Performance week, this was not what I had in mind, but the moment I saw that less than 90-second video clip on the News - I knew instantly that I had to talk about her stage and audience domination! Just watch her go...

I mean do you see her? Let's forget how ridiculously cute she is. Let's not consider my concern for the future of her hair follicles with all that spinning. Let's ask how awesomely, mindblowing is she, that she can do that already? The fact that she has already received negative responses on fellow dancer, Kanal's video, proves that she must be doing something right - after all, her battle round has only had 4.4 million 16 days.

This little girl has something that can't be bottled, or explained; all I can suggest you take away from this performance, is that you watch her excitement, her engagement with her opponent - she barely notices that the crowd is there, so there is little connection with them but at 6 years of age, I think we can forgive that, don't you? If anything, what I noticed, was that she played the crowd in an entirely different way. In being so commanding in her performance, with the little quirks she uses to interact with her opponent, she doesn't actually need to interact with audience at all.

BGirl TERRA in action...(Photo courtesy of Chelles Battle Pro 2013)
Wagging her thumb at her competitor - though clearly choreographed - had the perfect desired effect. As did (fake) pushing him back out the circle when he tried to counter her. I must say that I didn't love such a young child doing the 'neckslicing thing' but, if you overlook that and just refer to the sheer precociousness of her overall delivery, you cannot deny that her entire execution was of a level and degree that most people 4 times her age could not replicate (and not just because I'm pretty sure our bones stop bending that way after a certain age...assuming they ever did).

Execution, delivery, environmental awareness (who and what is going on around you, not the grass growing underfoot) and interaction - with those on stage and off. These are things that keep Performances front and centre in a viewer's mind, and what convinces them to buy into your product on the spot.

Go forth and apply.

Talking of win yourself a FREE #ESPspotlight Review of your upcoming event, your performance in one (usually charged at £25), or to claim your 50% discount off Music Reviews booked between now and this Thursday, Read On...

For today's competition, I have to go refer back to one of my all-time favourite Dance films - Breakdance (or Breakin if you're in the US of A). Step Up had nothing on this series! The dance routines! The smack talk! The jheri curls...Ozone will forever be a crush with his funky hat, shell necklaces and single earring with the feather...I'm going to sigh for all womankind at this point and concede that's a whole other conversation though. The soundtrack was also right up there, as arguably one of the best in film history. With two tracks in particular that dominated even the mainstream charts, I think it's only right that I ask you to...

With hair as big as her voiceName the Diva, who had two massive tracks now synonymous with these films?

Here's a clue (or three): She told Rufus to Tell Her Something Good because She's Every Woman...

How To Enter:

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And as for yesterday's question:

Mrs Carey-Cannon just recorded the theme tune for Disney's latest blockbuster, that is currently holding tight to the Worldwide #1 Spot for a second week running.

Name The Song and ONE of the Lead Female Actresses?

The easy peasy answers: Song - Almost Home, Lead Actresses: Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis.

Did you read my #ESPspotlight Review of Oz: The Great And Powerful? How Spot On was I? It's ok, you can tell me, my head won't swell!

Anywhoo, hope you enjoyed the latest offering, be sure to catch the next!
ES ;)

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