Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Lost In Music', Day One (Competition) - Music Month in the #ESPspotlight

SO! If you caught the Music Month introduction earlier, then you will remember my talking about Music that we have a connection with, and understanding how that affects us emotionally.

In keeping with the theme, I will be posting a different song each day this month and sharing my personal connection with it. To spice things up though, I'm also going to throw a trivia question in. If you give me the correct answer, you will WIN that week's Special Offer - entirely FREE of charge!

I'll be rewarding ONE lucky winner, chosen at random every day, throughout March. Entries must be submitted by email (only), by 20:13 every night to be in with a chance of winning (T&C's apply). So you ready? Ok, here we go...

For me to pick a specific earliest childhood memory is absolutely impossible, because I was immersed in almost all genres from the womb! If I had to pick one of a multitude of favourites though; it would have to be the rare Sunday mornings with my beloved Mum, when she wasn't working. She would throw on her favourite white gypsy top with red piping and green and yellow embroidery, and put her (then) state of the art stereo to good use with her cracking music collection, while she tackled the ironing.

One of the cassettes tapes that I would dawdle around her bedroom just to hear, was the Atlantic Soul Classics compilation. That my friends, is when I discovered one of my earliest favourite collaborations:

'Tramp' by Carla Thomas and Otis Redding.

In love with Otis' voice and Carla's sass before I knew what love was; to this day, my Mumma still tells the story of the two appearing on Tops of the Pops in the 70s...Carla in her red-sequinned gown, with white fur stole; Otis in his overalls and straw hat, with a blade of grass in between his teeth. I had the privilege of catching the performance a few years ago, so now fully understand the splendour she described, but unfortunately it isn't online for me to share with you. I have managed to locate the official video for you though - all you need to do is listen to get the gist of why I was so taken with the song from such an early age...

What is not to love about this song?! I absolutely adore it like I just heard it again for the first time. It completely epitomises the theme of this week, by evoking memories of great times with my Lady Mum - right down to the very last detail of the red espadrilles that she would team with that gypsy top!

SO I guess you want to get to the prize part, now right? Well here's your first question:

I mentioned a compilation earlier, full of some classic Soul anthems. One of them is a heartbreaking classic that went on to become the soundtrack for a Hollywood film of the same name

Name the song / film, the singer and the lead acting couple...

It's easy-peasy!

Answer with tomorrow's song selection - DON'T MISS IT!

Are you a fan of 'Tramp'? Share one of your own early childhood musical memories in the Comments Box below - what were you listening to?

ES ;)

Competition Terms & Conditions: Only one entry per person, per day. Prize applies to the 'ESPshowcase - Lights' package, and thus Twitter and Facebook accounts only. Prize offer relates to either a Facebook OR a Twitter account only. Entry deadline is 20:13 each day, winners will be notified via email within 24 hours.