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#FindOutFriday with Mishal Moore!

...Mishal Moore

Happy Friday everybody!

I refuse to believe your week has been bad with weather this BEAUTIFUL! Doesn't it put you in that perfect 'Summertime' mood? For Yours Truly, when it gets like this outside, I'm not really concerned with the current trends - to be fair, I rarely am. Beautiful warmth makes me happy and of course, if you know me, you know a soundtrack is attached! Instead of the usual Gems of Times Past though, this week, I'm telling you all about one of my favourite new EPs.

Produced by one half of the legendary F.A.B DJ set; 'I'm Not A Hipster - The Mishal Moore and DJ Fonti Project' was first brought to my attention a few weeks ago now, during a meeting with the other, Bushkin.

The first release on BushBash Recordings, I instantly fell in love with the fact that Moore managed to combine so many different sounds into 6 tracks. Her delivery is that good kind of confusing that keeps you hooked because you never quite know where she is going with her vocal next. Add Fonti's production seal and I literally jumped at the chance to feature Mishal during the week of their EP's release, long before I read one of the most intriguing bios I've received in awhile!

Read what it was that caught my eye about her atypical appeal as I welcome Mishal Moore to this week's hotseat...

Hi Mishal, welcome to #FindOutFriday! I absolutely loved reading your bio, it’s exactly the kind of melting pot that piques my interest! I'm going straight for the parts that sang to me...

1. What fuelled your desire to train as a classical vocalist and musician? Can you tell me about your earliest memory of wanting to study?

Thank you:)

I wouldn't say it was a desire. I sort of stumbled into singing as a whole. After playing trumpet for almost 8 years, my high school marching band instructor told me, and I quote:

"I don't think you're good enough for my band."

I was fifteen and it scarred me. I didn't pick up my horn for a long time after that.

I needed to take a different elective so I decided on choir. I sung a little bit before, for fun. I figured, "I can hold a tune", I'll take a crack at it. Shortly after, my music teacher saw potential and insisted I take lessons and audition for show choir. That's how it all began. I never really had the desire to study until I actually saw how beneficial it was after I started taking lessons. 

2. I think when most people think of Stage Schools (Performing Arts colleges) in the UK; they conjure up visions of Glee meets Fame! How easy was it to leave your Florida hometown and travel almost 1000 miles to study your dream at the prestigious Webster Conservatory? Can you describe your time there?

Firstly, I hate Glee, lol.

It wasn't hard for me to leave home, I'm a nomad. I love travelling and anything that positively helps me move farther along in my craft, I'm all about it. Webster, like most conservatories in the States, are very difficult to get into, I was quite shocked when I was chosen to study there. They only chose 32 out of thousands, it's very intense, auditioning and being judged on your talents.

Being a student there is even more intense than the audition process! Ballet (any form of dancing you can name), everyday at the butt crack of dawn. Then your every day schooling in the middle of the day. Followed by, acting, vocal, voice/speech and movement courses in the evening. Not to mention I worked part time. My days began at 7am, and ended at 11pm. I learned a lot while I was there so much so, I began my own theatre company in Florida, when I left.

3. Not many of today’s musical artists can list creating their own theatre company on their CV. What inspired that and what was it you wanted to accomplish through it?

There is not as much variety, in the way of performing arts in Florida, as let's say, New York. After being cast so many times, as either the maid or the 'African visitor', I was done. I set out to do my own thing. 'Bookshelves & Stereos' was made up of 8-10 actors. I coached, produced, wrote, and directed. After putting on 5 shows and trying to juggle my vocal coaching and music career, I had to put B&S on hold. I started it because I wanted to give actors who are usually typecast, a chance to shine in the roles most actors desire. I cast based on talent, NOT looks. No one was exempt. I didn't care if you'd never acted before, which was why I coached as well. Everyone has potential to be great at something and should be given a chance.

4. You’re a HUGE part of what is in effect, ‘The YouTube Movement’ of the last few years and your background means you’re already quite the unorthodox artist when it comes to your current genre.

There are a lot of different sides to your personality on there; how have you gone about crafting that side of your image management and what contribution do you feel your channel has added to the ‘Mishal Moore package’?

Lol. Ummmm. Honestly? My focus has always been, and will only ever be, to learn and grow as much as I can. What others think of my personality and it's many sides, is no concern of mine. I am who I am. I'm happy people are able to get a look into part of my journey. It was scary to put videos up on the web. I began my channel in 2007 and had no idea what I was doing, I still don’t. I do know, whatever I've done has only helped me grow and shown my viewers the music business is not as sparkly and shiny as it seems.

5. Your list of musical influences is a vast one and your live performances have a reputation of their own! If you had to pick a standout for each, which would it be and why?

The INCOMPARABLE Julie Andrews
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My standout influence is Julie Andrews, hands down. From when I was little, she just draws you in. No bells and whistles, just her. I love her, she’s my idol.

My favourite performance was at a festival in the States called, Musikfest. I was performing with my band and it was just so surreal. In that moment, I was glad I never gave up.

6. As it currently stands, you're the first person who has actually made it to that Oscar arena on my blog! Can you tell me more about 'Oh Lord' (2009) and how Vanity Fair Magazine came to use it to promote the Oscars that year?

'Oh Lord' was a song I wrote when I was with (my) ex-label. It was one of those 'We need a hot track to blow you up' type things (rolls eyes). I wrote the song, it was put out and shortly after was picked up by Vanity Fair in their app campaign to promote the Oscars. My song was playing in all the NYC taxi cabs and showcased in the app commercial. It was pretty cool.

7. The dubstep remix of ‘It Ain’t Over’ in February of 2011 seems to have been the turning point that led you on the road to where you are now. Is that how you met up with DJ Fonti?

It sure is :) I met Bushkin and Fonti when they interviewed me on Rinse FM.

8. Personally, the 'I'm Not A Hipster EP' takes me back to a House’n’Garage era that feels GOOD! You combine a lot of different sounds that had me confused though, because there are so many more elements than just those to it. How would you describe the project and its direction?

I'm the Queen of confusion. I see music as either good or bad, depending on your preference. Folks always feel the need to categorise things for their own comfort. I describe 'I'm Not A Hipster' as music without boundaries. That will never bring on the confusion, lol!

9. Let’s say each of your projects were a message. What statement were you making about yourself in each body of work and what are you telling us with the 'I'm Not A Hipster EP', now?

Lol. I don’t think that hard, I just create. 'INAH' is my 5th project, and within each project is a look into a chapter of my life, career, dreams, likes, dislikes, etc. I’m a rainbow of goodies.

10. You've done a heck of a lot more than most people could fathom, across all walks of the Music and Entertainment Industry. What haven’t you conquered yet, how do you plan to go about accomplishing it and what do you think you will have to overcome along the way?

I let my work speak for itself, I'm not a huge fan of revealing to the world what my goals are. You never know who’s out there wishing the worst for Don’t like shining light on ideas I have or things I desire. I will say, I always do what I've set myself out to do :)

I've always wanted to score a movie and have already begun working with some musicians in New Zealand...

Watch this space.

HUGE Thanks to Mishal, Bushkin, Fonti and Elliott for making this one happen at such short notice! The 'I'm Not A Hipster EP' is out NOW from all your favourite sites, check the links below for your favourite and cop my latest favourite addition to my Summer playlist!

Interact with Mishal...

Get at those F.A.B two aka Fonti and Bushkin...

Don't forget, Sharing is Caring! Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon, Folx!

ES ;)