Friday, 8 March 2013

Creativity Week! 'Lost In Music' Competition - March Music In The ESPspotlight

It's the second week of #MarchMusic in the #ESPspotlight and thus time to switch things up a tad! As I explained in last week's introduction, this month would be dedicated to journeying through aspects of Music not typically in the forefront of most people's attention. After looking at Understanding Music, the Psychology behind it's emotional effects on us and how it impacts the output we sell to our consumer base; the next seven days will be devoted to what really goes into Creating Music, with a special look at a few talented people along the way and a brand new competition prize courtesy of Yours Truly.

Whether Songwriting or Composing, the pure genius in Creativity means that the world gets to experience a unique, fingerprint expression of your art.

Meeting with a wonderfully motivated entrepreneur earlier today reignited my drive and passion for what I do. Being a self-starter is far harder than most people can envision, especially when the unavoidable obstacles of everyday life clutter your intended path. The infectious energy that I caught as we talked made me think of some of my favourite inspirational songs and the lyrics that call me into action. The task of picking just one to adequately sum up the moment was hard - as we saw earlier in the week, the BBC's Music Psychology test put my emotional connection with music at 100% (did you give the test a go? Share your results in the Comments Box)! The list of songs that give me energy is a LONG one, but I thought a week in - it was high time I pull out the Big Guns

Now it took 5 songs and over 20 minutes of reciting lyrics from memory before I settled on what I thought to be a fitting choice to kick off the sentiment of the week. The deciding factor was ultimately that if we were going to talk Musical Creators, there was only one person I could start with! Here's just a snippet of the creative ability that connected with BILLIONS of people worldwide, across 5 decades:

"You can say the words, like you understand -
But the Power's in believing, so give yourself a chance.
Cause you can climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea - 
All you need is the will to wanna and a little self-esteem."

Guessed who I'm talking about? Kicking off the Creativity Week of #MarchMusic is the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, with one of my favourite confidence-boosting tracks from, what do you know it, one of my favourite albums of all time! If you never have before, please listen to Michael Jackson's hugely inspirational and healing lyrics in 'Keep The Faith':

Uplifted? I don't know about you, but this one works for me every time!

Now. Onto the business of application. Creating something, no matter the artform, is like sharing a piece of yourself with the world, and by no means is it an easy task. Whilst the aim of most artists is to speak to their audience first; no matter how unfairly, that audience will forever grow, or diminish based on the words of people whom the masses consider knowledgeable on a subject. Good reviews can make or break a release, but a constructive one will always make that release memorable.

#ESPspotlight Reviews are some of the most referenced features on this blog, with recognition of my honest critique from Hendon to Hollywood; hey - Singer, Actor and Best-Selling Author Tyrese Gibson didn't request one for his first music video in umpteen years for nothing!

Real, Raw but Respectful, I'm giving ONE lucky composer the chance to win a FREE #ESPspotlight Review for their recorded works (usually £12.50) everyday, from now until next Thursday - all you have to do is answer one musical question correctly, tweet your entry confirmation and LIKE ESP on Facebook by 20:13 each night to be in with a chance. Don't worry if you don't win though - I'm also adding a whopping great 50% discount on composition reviews for the SAME period - don't forget to quote #MarchMusic to claim it!

You ready for today's question? Let's test your Musical knowledge:

Name Michael Jackson's first SOLO album...

In the final question on the Understanding Music week, I asked you:

'George Gershwin also composed another massive hit about a 'foreigner' in the city currently hosting it's final day of Haute Couture Fashion Week. There is even a classic Gene Kelly film of the same name - Name That Tune!'

The answer is: An American In Paris!

DON'T FORGET - email your entries for today's competition,  tweet your confirmation using the #MarchMusic hashtag and LIKE ESP Ltd. of Facebook by 20:13 tomorrow to be in with a chance!

See you soon!
ES ;)

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