Monday, 4 March 2013

Are You In The Mood? 'Lost In Music' Competition - #MarchMusic in the #ESPspotlight

"Where do you get all your energy from Woman - or should I say Superwoman!"

That was what Drassick DIGITAL said to me this morning, as I (over)indulged in one of my favourite guilty pastimes - the #nowplaying Twitter trend.

listen to music 24 hours a day - even during sleep! I have playlists for every human scenario; the titles of which match the tin label in a way unique to me... 'Easy Like Sunday Mornin...' (Relaxation), 'D.I.V.A' and 'Showstoppin' (Confidence Boosts), 'Heartbreak Hotel' (you can figure that one out); 'Workin' Day and Nite' (Work Mode) 'Work It Out' (Gym Fuel); yes they are all song titles, and yes there are many more (179 at last count). So it should come as no surprise that I need to start the day with the right mood music, or don't expect me to get out of bed!

That takes me on to today's theme in the 'Understanding' portion of #MarchMusic Month. How do you decide what you want to listen to? Is it based on 'What's Hot' right now? The new release from a favourite artist? Or is it based on your mood at that particular given moment? With most of us, it's likely to be a mixture of all three, with the real variance being in the time percentage.

If we're talking the latter, then the mood in the music that we listen to, affects us at a speed too fast for us to recognise (the brain can recognise the emotional state in any given song as quickly as 500 milliseconds - Dr Victoria Williamson). Now I don't know about you; but come those waking hours, you need to blast me with something that says 'GET UP AND GET GOING' if you want me to 'go' anywhere! Being that I'm a Night Owl who starts her working day at 6AM, it's no great surprise that my days begin with me dragging myself off my mattress by my own precious hair roots. It's usually at different points within my 'It's Mownin Time!' playlist, and often the point  at which my brain wakes up is long after I've actually been ripped from my bed womb

In today's case, the track that inspired the Facebook status Drassick commented on, was 'Use It Up And Wear It Out' by 70s Disco group Odyssey...

That's energy and a half, right?! You see why it got me going? Now, I may not have actually inhabited the Earth when this came out; but when you grow up with groups of this era being played around you constantly, who were synonymous with your Mum getting her gladrags on to head West to Crackers Nightclub of a Saturday night - when the energy of the song is equally matched by that of the memory associated with it...Does when it came out really matter? But that's a whole other topic we'll be looking at between now and Thursday...

What did the job for you this morning? Post your 'Wake Up Song' in the Comment Box below - it's lost without you in a style very 'a la Robin Thicke'!

In the meantime, there's the small matter of that competition! Want to win FREE Social Media Catalogue management from Yours Truly? Then you should read on...

If you're a regular, then you'll know that I ran a 3-part special based around my first London Fashion Week outing, recently.

The second to showcase in the four major fashion capitals of the world; LFW was preceded by a city whose 'Natives' just so happen to make up part of another massive hit by Odyssey - Name That Tune!

The answer to Friday's competition, where I asked you to name the song / film, singer and lead actors of the massive film that matched a song title in this picture:

The song / film is of course -

'When A Man Loves A Woman'

The Singer was Percy Sledge

And the film's lead actors were Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia - they make me cry everytime!

Congratulations to Friday's winner

Instead of ONE winner today, I'll be selecting THREE, to make up for the chances my super busy weekend cost you! Remember that entries are accepted via email ONLY - NO tweeting me the answer please, you won't win that way!

20:13 is the deadline - Get Entering!

Until the next!
ES ;)

Competition Terms & Conditions: Only one entry per person, per day. Prize applies to the 'ESPshowcase - Lights' package, and thus Twitter and Facebook accounts only. Prize offer relates to either a ONE Facebook OR ONE Twitter account only. Entry deadline is 20:13 each day, winners will be notified via email within 24 hours.