Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Artist GPS: Can Your Audience Find You? + 'Lost In Music' Competition, March Music in the ESPspotlight

Yesterday I was interviewed for an upcoming white paper on Marketing. One of the questions touched on a topic I've been itching to bring you for awhile now. In working on another project this weekend, I came up against what is probably one of my Top 3 Pet Peeves in this Industry! Whatever your talent, if you are a Creative of any kind, WHY do people need heat-seeking missiles to find you?

This weekend, I met an Artist. When asked where I could find some of his work, he gave me a web address and forewarned: "I need to add some stuff, though...". Fair enough, when you're a one person band, it's not always possible to update everything you need to, as often as you need to do it - I can attest to that! Venturing onto the site yesterday though, I discovered that not only does he need to "add some stuff", but the only thing on it was his profile name!
Music Releases are NOT Covert Ops - they should only be a secret if you're BOWIE!
A similar occurrence happened recently, when another Performer said that I wouldn't find him or his work online, because he doesn't "like to be too 'out there', y'see...I don't like to be that accessible..." I (don't) see. Just last month, whilst scouting artists to fill some open slots in the next #FindOutFriday cycle (Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!) I eventually stopped finding it amusing and incredulous, and instead began finding it increasingly ANNOYING that so many of you have websites and profiles with NO music on them! There was contact information for bookings though... In my best McEnroe impression, I gotta say: "C'mon! You CanNOT be SERIOUS!"

Would you hire a Photographer having seen no prior examples of their work? How about a Make Up Artist, Hairdresser or Barber with no portfolio examples? I thought not. So why in the name of all that is Holy, would you expect anyone to hire you to perform, with no proof that you have the skills to justify a hire fee?

In your defence Artists, I will say, it's not just you. The whole idea for my #ESPshowcase packages, which create foundation starter  packs for businesses who have yet to venture into the online world, emanated from my not being able to find a hairdressers in the town I upped sticks and moved to at the end of last year. The huge difference is, that as Musicians, you are not bricks and mortar shops! Their main customer base already exists for one thing - they have walk-in client√®le! For another, they are restricted by locale. There is not a market in the world that if packaged correctly, you could not sell to; so there shouldn't be a corner of it that your product is not available in.

Let me dispel your confusion once and for all: Whether you are a Musician, a Designer, or an Artist of ANY kind - when you have a product to sell (which all of you do), then there is no such thing as 'remaining mysterious', by being difficult to find online; only recurring incidents of recklessly squandered sales and missed opportunities. STOP the non-sense

There are several easy to use, free platforms for Musicians out there, that allow you to showcase your abilities. If you're not comfortable with the ReverbNations, Soundclouds or even Facebooks of the world, online forums have evolved enough now, that you can Create Your Own √† la LekLane!

'LekLane' is the home of Producer, Artist, Musician and Songwriter, Lekhem
When it came to setting up Lekhem's shop, we wanted to cover every medium in a way that best reflected his personality, talents and interests. Forging his own path and following none, Lekhem is a firm believer in 'Making your Own Lane'; thus when it came time to build his online HQ, there was no question as to the title...

If you're not the most technologically savvy, that's still no excuse. That 'Practice makes Perfect' saying didn't come into existence by chance; keep trying until you get comfortable or, if it's really not for you, then ask someone for a helping hand or, better still - hire a *ahem* professional! This is the point where you run out of excuses, because I'm giving you the opportunity to resolve that problem from now until Sunday. Read on for details...

Win the biggest giveaway this blog has ever had, by answering ONE easy question! Up for grabs is a complete ESP Artist Development Starter's Package (priced at £90), consisting of the following:

AND, as if all that's not enough; quote #MarchMusic at the time of ordering and get ALL of the above for £45! I don't want to say that you'd be mad to pass up this opportunity, but you wouldn't exactly be sane, now would you?!

So now you know what you get, it's time to explain how you get it:

1. Email your answer by 10:00AM tomorrow morning.

2. Tweet confirmation of your entry to ESP Ltd. on Twitter, using the #MarchMusic hashtag.

3. LIKE EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd. on Facebook.

Tell me that it could be easier than that?! Ok, now have yourselves a practice run to get warmed up. In the last competition I asked you to:

Name the clothing label that Justin Timberlake co-founded?

The answer was William Rast. See? Easy!

Today's question isn't any harder, all you have to do is take yourself over to LekLane, have a goosey gander around if you haven't done so before, then come back and tell me:

What is the name of Lekhem's MUSIC Page?

What's your take on today's topic? Are you an Artist who believes restricting your content and accessibility will help your career? Why? In what way? Tell me in the Comments Box below...

Have a good short week humpday!
ES ;)

'Lost In Music' Competition Terms & Conditions:

  • Only one entry per person, per day.
  • Review Prize refers to ONE single/EP/Album/Event ONLY
  • Applicable to Events within the London Regions ONLY. Winners outside of London and the UK will receive a Music Review*.
  • Press Release will be written and provided for Winner's use. Submissions to press contacts are NOT included.
  • Promotions Week runs from 22nd-31st March.
  • Entrants MUST complete all stages for entries to be eligible.
  • Answers should be submitted via email, with confirmation of entry tweets containing the #MarchMusic hashtag sent to ESP Ltd. on Twitter.
  • Entrants must LIKE the EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd. Facebook Page for entries to be considered eligible.
  • All methods of entry should contain the #MarchMusic hashtag.
  • The #MarchMusic promotional code must be applied to claim the 50% discount.
  • Entry deadline is 10:00 on the morning after each competition post, winners will be notified via email within 24 hours.