Wednesday, 3 May 2017

THE BIG REVIEW: LCF Psychology in Fashion & Pop PR's AW17 Press Day

Aside from the first day of Fashion week - which I have yet to tell you about - I haven't really made it out to too many events so far this year; one because my health has not been conducive to making it outdoors and two, because I have been completely immersed in writing my debut novel. But as the fashion calendar starts to fill, there can be no denying that the shows are all on a rise, and so, out the likes of Yours Truly will trudge, to tell you all about what's been going on.

Yours Truly ready to face the day...
Last week for instance, there were two particular events of note that drew me away from my laptop (aka Hazie...cuz she's electric purple, a la Jimi Hendrix...?!) Well, the first was a Psychology in Fashion conference that I was convinced that I could not miss because of the Keynote Speaker - the one and only Caryn Franklin OBE whom, longtime readers will know that I am floored by, over and over again, having been a childhood icon of mine, that I have been blessed to interview twice on this very blog.

Unfortunately, my residual night pains and the daily difficulties that I suffer with as a result of the Fibromyalgia +12 (conditions); that I have been diagnosed with meant that getting to Central London from the outback in which I live, was a feat too impossible to surmount by 09:30 that day and, not wanting to disrupt the goings on, I decided to aim for the after lunch crowd, instead. My lovely Carer Kat and I were treated to five student presentations, all posing equally important questions to the world of comparative thinking. As interesting as they were however, it wasn't until an emergency stand in by Dr Carolyn Mair, Consultant in Psychology for Fashion, that the event really came alive for me.

Dr Mair gave a rousing presentation intended for another audience the following day, on the sustainability, but more importantly, the responsibility we have as fashion partakers; not just sitting back on our laurels and accepting what is fed to us, but also questioning what we think, read, and buy, for the good of our own land. I was glued not just to her every word, but to her gorgeous sense of style - her outfit of a pleather, black, capped sleeved tunic, with skinny black jeans with frayed edges and the most to die for gold patent pumps that I think I have ever seen!

Fast forward two days and I was the one donning black and gold, this time for Pop PR, who kicked off the Autumn Winter season for their roster of artists on this side of the globe and off of it.

Andrew Majtenyi
Headed to Fitzrovia, this time with the beautiful Daniela in tow to take care of me, we headed to the Oui Group UK studios, to look at such items of beauty that I was lost for a moment in time. Beginning with the beautiful works of Andrew Majtenyi, I was entranced by his idyllic patterns and bodycons that had me wishing that I was the exact circumference of slimmest finger to fit into them. Next came the sumptuous furs, leather and suede of Hallie Sara for that essence of glitterati glamour to fully wash over you.

Hallie Sara

Shoes by Ganor Dominic followed and the designer herself was on hand to talk through her creations; unfortunately, we did not get the chance to share more than a cursory few words, but I found her to be very open and sweet as I eavesdropped! Framing her table were racks by the talented Laura Theiss, whose mesh, wool and crochet work were definitely the styles you want keeping you warm this so-called Spring (nee Winter). Leave it to my personal favourite, Ashley Isham to turn my eyes with teal blue gowns, amber mesh jackets and gold, sequinned jumpsuits that had me hankering for the male side of the wardrobe.

Jayne Pierson
Responsible for the Piece de Resistance, Jayne Pierson and her old Hollywood coat of peach-coloured, ostrich feathers, that wouldn't have been out of place on the backs of Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Dandridge, or Marilyn Monroe, made a new school convert out of me. Wanting to try on almost everything on her rack; it was her grafitti-covered leather jackets, one with rubber studs, the other with mesh sleeves, that brought loving tears to my eyes. Danslavie were to be found on the next rail but - being that her entire collection was made out of snake-skin (which I personally hate), I'm afraid you won't see much of what were some otherwise fantastic designs and cuts here!

Misa Harada London
Belle Sauvage and their statement garments caught my eye next, right before I was taken on an adornment journey - courtesy of millinery designers Misa Harada london. They had a design for every mood and some sparkle to cap it off...(see what I did there)? Okay, okay, well before you have me hung, drawn and quartered, let me first tell you that Sorapol delivered in all of their pearly iridescent finery.

Malan Breton's brilliance couldn't be confined to one rail; and so his New York and London collections were both there to be gasped at, along with a skincare and cosmetics range that just screamed 'Try Me'. Haircare brand Colour Proof were on hand for makeovers, before you reached the home stretch of jewellery makers Pyrrha for some elegant, ethereal vintage designs that were at once unique and delicate.

Malan Breton

Earrings by Zhang Yue
Additional hustle and bustle at the next table indicated something extra special was taking place. Fashion Crossover's London Team were representing a selection of creative talents from China who had created some of the most beautiful accessories I had seen all day. From hair adornments to jewellery, the display and background talk were definitely worth taking in. Back to the racks and the simple subtleties of Mimi Tran were next. Her embroidered range was stunning and not at all overpowering because the garment cuts themselves were simple canvases, clearly chosen to let the detailing shine, and that it did; a lovely collection.

Mark Fast
The works of Mark Fast were immediately recognisable because of his glamourous feather detailing. Like Jayne Pierson before him, he made sumptuous work of the ostrich feathers, until each piece screamed red carpet glamour. I reached Vivienne Pash, on the final rack just as the team were shutting up shop, and relished the symmetrical, column lines of her velvet and sequinned designs.

Reaching the end of the line was like coming down from a high, and so I had in mind my next fix. I had been double-booked to attend the press day of another professional friend of mine, only I hadn't noticed the time creep by until there wasn't enough time left to attend my second engagement! What that said was kudos to the ever lovely Portia 'Pop' Shaw and her team for putting on such a spectacular, prosecco-filled event, that allowed me to completely lose my sense of space and time - Cheers, my friend - here's to the next one!

For a look at the displays last week, head on over to the ESintheP Facebook Page, where you can revel in all the splendour.

Until the next...

All images by Erica Sharlette for EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd.