Monday, 26 May 2014


Before I delve into all things Mariah this week, let's give May's final 'Flashing Lights' winner her moment in the ESP spotlight

The 22-year-old, London-born American wearing this week's crown, goes by the moniker of Skai. She has garnered herself a great deal of positive recognition from the big (lipped) boys in the old US of A. Her career path has taken her from regular appearances on well-known mixtapes by JayZ's resident Club 40/40 DJ; to works by Grammy award winning, Super Producer, Jimi Kendrix. What landed her atop this week's ESP podium though? Well read on and see… 

Drake is reduced to little more than a compere introducing the main act on the radio, in this twist on his own male betrayal anthem. Skai begins to tell of the reasons for her 'Trust Issues' calmly and quietly for a female who's been wronged by a deceitful lover. You initially feel sorry for her, until she breaks down and confesses that his behaviour has driven her to the beds of several other men, for comfort and retaliation (Ladies: less Kandi'sDon't think I'm Not’, and more Left Eye's real feelings behind Creep will always find you the Victor - even if only a moral one).

On the flip side, you realise how much damage each is doing the other, by the time Buefford Mallary jumps on for a stellar 16 bars. Most times, the chosen MC sullies the quality of a track. That could just be my opinion, but it does appear to be a running theme…except in this case. This is the true meaning stepping up and representing your team. Mallary's delivery is at times emotional, angry, desperate, and heartbroken. Nice job Sir, well done. He by far outdoes Wale's turn on Mariah's new album for example, but more about that in the album's review.

By the time Skai flips Drake's hook for an equally insulting equivalent, you're left at a complete and utter loss. Why can't they work it out? Why are two people, so utterly in love with the other, so intent on imploding what could be a beautiful love, if they would just stop destroying it! BreddWinnaz production is beautifully elegant and raw, to match the emotions expressed by the singers. Such a nice job, that special recognition is deserved and awarded.

Skai – for so valiantly putting your (sometimes self-inflicted) wounds on wax, #iSaluteU. Not only have you won this week's single review, but also this month's prize of £80 worth of Graphic Design for your next musical release! I'm looking forward to working with you!

Feel like you could compete? Head on over to the Contact page on the ESP Website, enter your submission by uploading it to the ESP Soundcloud Dropbox. And follow that with completing the contact box with your information - et voila! If I like your track the most, you win - simple as!

And what's up for grabs at the end of June? From the ESPshowcase 'Lights' menu; the 'MegaWatts' package sees the creation and maintenance of accounts on the 5 main websites that any musical newcomer should have a voice on: Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and YouTube. The prize includes customised, uniform branding, tailored to your Artist Persona. All inclusive, this prize bundle is worth over £50 in the ESPstore.

Until the next…!

ES ;)