Monday, 12 May 2014


With today's release of new Michael Jackson material in the form of XSCAPE, an 8-track compilation of unreleased material by Sony Music Entertainment, I thought wouldn't it be lovely to have a full-on MJ Indulgence, in celebration of the late, great man himself (regular readers will know that I really don't need much of an excuse).

The first post you have to look forward to, is an extra special #WaveRunner selection. Deviating from the rule for a special occasion, instead of bringing you the most popular track that's running the air waves right now, lookout for the Number 1 song that I think, sums up Michael Jackson's entire career, his global impact on, and his legacy to, music culture. Wanna take a stab in the dark? Betcha can't guess what it is...!

This week's Lost In Music special goes back to an album from which an entire movement was born. That album was so big, that it couldn't all be contained in eleven tracks...

The #ESPspotlight Review and #SoundOfTheWeek are one and the same. I haven't stopped listening to it since first thing this morning - XSCAPE gets the ESP onceover.

Our #FlashingLights winner is the only deviation during this MJ Takeover day. That spotlight review is on the way, and this week's winner automatically goes into this month's draw to win £90 worth of graphic artwork for their next release!

BE SURE TO STAY TUNED, because this week is BAD, this week is DANGEROUS!

Without further ado...
ES ;)