Monday, 2 June 2014

#MusicMonday: #WaveRunner - Thirsty, Mariah Carey

Well now. Due to the ongoing demands of the preparations for this weekend's Graduation Fashion Week, our Mariah Week regrettably had to be deferred by a few (7) days. But never fear, we are back now, and I absolutely DARE you to not to feel, and see her differently if you catch every piece this week. I may not make a supporter out of you, but I most definitely AM aiming to make a non-believer an accepter.

I had to rewrite this review in between my first listen, and last play, earlier this morning. The official 'Buzz' single for Me.I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse; Thirsty was met by a mostly favourable crowd almost a week to the day of release. 'Fans' and Music Critics alike (it's getting hard to tell the difference nowadays), practically declared the track The Saviour of Mariah's Career, by being exactly the catchy type of joint that she made famous.

I would absolutely agree that the song is excellent, bar one small factor – a hook that is to Yours Truly, the musical equivalent of Marmite; either you love it, are perplexed, or you hate it. Personally, I started out en route to the latter. Hate is a very strong term, and I wouldn't apply that one with any semblance of accuracy in this case, but I've only reached the point of tolerance, after starting out disliking it intensely. Hook aside; we're in for quite the tumultuous ride with the rest of the album if this track sets the precedent

For now, Thirsty gets a (10% shy of straight) Thumbs Up.

What’s ruling your airwaves and why? Feel free to share in YOUR Stage, aka the Comment Box below.

Until the next…!
ES ;)