Monday, 12 May 2014

#MusicMonday #WaveRunner: MICHAEL JACKSON - MUSIC AND ME

The first ever #WaveRunner selection is technically a cheating effort, as I've shifted the goalposts to suit my purpose - hey, at least I'm confessing to my crime in a premeditated fashion, like any good Smooth Criminal should...(see what I did there?)! Instead of a track that's running the airwaves right now, I'm opting for one that sums up the essence of what this entire themed day is all about. So no, I didn't pick Rock With You, I didn't pick Human Nature, I didn't even pick Earth Song. For the inaugural #WaveRunner pick, I've gone back to 1973 for a classic that sadly, is far too often overlooked - I'm selecting Music And Me.

The title track from Michael Jackson's third album; never has a truer song been sung, than this here love letter to the creative art. Now some may consider a love song to said creative outlet 'strange', and to an extent, I suppose it could be considered odd for those who cannot relate. But consider the artist that we're discussing here…it's safe to say, that there are many oddities that you should just be allowed to get away with when you are the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, don’t you think?

In those inimitable 'good ole' days', 'Little Michael' was the phenom who could sing with supernatural, evocative emotion, about facts of life that he had not experienced yet. Which was how musical mastermind Berry Gordy knew, that solo albums by the lead singer of the Jackson 5 would be a veritable gold mine. Only two questions remained – what would his third album be entitled, and what would it be led by? After all, it’s one thing for 'Little Michael Jackson' to sing knowingly about love, with his four older brothers there to add a hint of authenticity, but by himself? That should be a far harder sell – unless of course, he was singing about a type of love the public could buy that he would legitimately understand the meaning of…

Cue 'Little Michael Jackson'ssolo love song to the thing he loved most in the worldMUSIC.