Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#WearItWednesday: #OnTrend DENIM DISTINCTIONS

The WGSN released this month's trend news earlier today, and one of the points they raised, was the way forward for denim during SS15 into AW15/16.

If you're unfamiliar with the terminology, your helpful friend Yours Truly is here to break them down, with a couple of examples for you, so that you know what to look for in the shops this weekend. Pull up a chair and get comfy...

First up: Stamping

See Dushonok's creations and her homemade stamping process - Click me 

Pattern detail stamped onto the denim. Can be done at home for an individual, one of a kind touch, or bought in-store for standard styling.

High Street Samples:

Primark £10 - Click to Buy 

H&M £19.99 - Click to Buy 

The pull of stamping is the customisation for one of a kind individuality, so if you do go for the store-bought option, try to find a way to brand yours to YOU.

Garment Stickers

Another means for customisation, iron stickers onto your choice of garment and make it individual to you: - Click to Buy 

Concealed Placement

Exactly as it says on the tin, smart concealed placement can lift the status of some pieces from casual to semi-dressy...

Nordstrom £188.44
Decorative Stitch

This one doesn't need too much by way of explanation, it's all about what it says on the tin!

High Street Sample:, £62

Click to Buy

I'm going to add one suggestion of my own to this, and that would be Embroidery:

Primark Belgium €15

High Street Samples:

Fatface £38.00 - Click to Buy 

H&M, £69.99 - Click to Buy 

And if you're stuck on any more terminology, then Dawn's Denim is here to break it down for you! Check out this mind-boggling glossary, explaining just about every term you could possibly think of!

Are you going after a style? Which one and Why? The stage below is all YOURS!

Until the next Folx!
ES ;)

Images courtesy of PRshots and individual retailers.