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I have long admired the works of the uber-talented Imogen Belfield. In addition to one of a kind designs, Belfield's work inspires an attitude that, if you're not prepared to exude, then you frankly have no business wearing. She's tough, she's sassy, and absolutely no pushover. You get all that from looking at just one piece of her creations; but, not to be ignored, Belfield's designs make you believe that the jewels are a kind and beautiful light that shines from within. Anyone who's seen this lady's smile will know what I'm talking about.

Here, she tells us about her work, and how she infuses it with a genius recognised by some of the world's biggest stars. Read on...

1. Your designs are not for the faint-hearted. Where does your vision come from, do you have a muse?

The Stunning Imogen Belfield
The work stems from my background in fine art and sculpture. Working directly in 3d materials. This is my first love, creating objects with my hands. I adore the artists St. Vincent and Bowie.

2. You went through extensive training, but your designs are so complicated - how did you learn to bring your vision to life?

It started with some short silver-smithing courses near Brighton. From there I went to Falmouth art school and completed an art foundation. It was there that I really got to play with metal on a large scale, which then transcended into my degree work at The Cass in London. When graduating I knew I wanted to build a commercially successful business. So I had to adapt my avant-garde work and transform them into wearable and functional objects to adorn the body, without losing their abstract flare.

3. Remembering the first celebrity to wear your designs, how did it come about, and how did you feel?

It was the super 5 supermodels! All in one amazing photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and following film with Duran Duran. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Yasmin le Bon and Helena Christensen all wore my jewellery for that particular campaign. That was utterly amazing!

4. You have brand Ambassadors - what functions do they perform, and what message do you want them to convey?

They choose to wear the pieces because they genuinely feel an affinity to them. It is always great to have endorsement from such iconic artists. That’s a great feeling.

5. Which is your favourite piece and why?

TheGoddessChoker in 18 Karat gold and diamonds. It took months to complete, and was a work in progress. It challenged me technically, which is always healthy, as it takes me out of my comfort zone, and continues to allow me to push the boundaries in art and design.

Imogen's 'Goddess' Necklace

6. Which has been your hardest piece to create and why?

The ‘Goddess’ Choker Necklace. Only one of these has ever been made. Each component has been meticulously carved in gold and created by hand. Every element to this design is bespoke, including the hinges and chain components.

7. You have won a plethora of awards - which one is most special and why?

They are all special in their own ways. The last award was a huge deal for me, winning the ‘Best In Goldaward at the Couture Design Awards for the ‘GoddessNecklace! That was a very special evening.

8. What one piece of your education do you bear in mind everyday and why?

Go with your gut instinct.

9. What inspired you to become a designer?

An innate love for art and fashion.

10. What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring designer, who doesn't know how to get into the industry?

Take every opportunity you can. Map out a business plan with your 1,2 and 5 year goals. Projecting ambition in this way is a great way of making your dreams a reality.


A humongous thanks to Imogen for taking the time out of her hectic (and I do mean hectic) schedule to answer a few questions for us. I don't know about you, but I learned some information that I've been dying to find out for some time now! How about you? Do you have any questions for Imogen? Did her answers raise any questions in your mind? Feel free to share them on YOUR stage below - we want to know!

I hope you enjoyed reading this brand new feature as much as I did writing it. That's all for this week though - meet me back here next week for an introduction to my next Featured Artist.

Until the next...!

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