Monday, 12 May 2014

#MusicMonday #FlashingLights WINNER: VASO MCFLY - WE TRUST

This week's winner hails from Okinawa by way of Brooklyn.

Vaso McFly won this week's draw with his track 'We Trust'. Not too familiar with Christian Hip Hop, it was interesting, and somewhat refreshing, to hear an MMG-like, East Coast clean beat flanked by positive words for once.

You didn't need to hear mention of Rick Ross to spot his heavy influence (no pun intended). Anyone familiar with the Rap fixture will recognise it, and even his style of delivery on guest verses in this three minute and fifteen second fan tribute.

Produced by KIDD, it was the content of the song that made McFly stand head and shoulders above his competition. Uplifting, and as inspirational as it was aspirational; this was the first entry I have received since this competition's inception, with such a good, affirmative message:

"I'd rather send my Blessings and not answer with my fists"

Though not the biggest fan of the artwork for it's conflicted message; much respect goes out to our new Intercontinental friend for shunning the boring, typical type.

Excellent efforts Sir...

Connect with Vaso McFly through his Social Media Catalogue:

If you want to compete with Vaso McFly for that mahoossive end of month prize, all you have to do, is follow these instructions, and submit your entry BEFORE 5PM on Friday. Let's see who's feeling brave!

Until the next...
ES ;)