Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#ESPspotlight on: BEATNIK & DRASSICK DIGITAL: MTV'S #BRANDNEW UNSIGNED FOR 2014 ENTRANTS - Presented by Emporio Armani Diamonds!

Regular readers of this here stop in the blogosphere, will know that the ESP name is synonymous with supporting exceptional new talents, and providing an equal platform for you to discover them alongside those who are more established. So when I learned that some special friends of mine were vying for the title of MTV's Brand New Unsigned Act for 2014 - Presented by Emporio Armani, the competition responsible for catapulting the likes of Lady Gaga, Tinie Tempah, Justin Bieber, and Adele to International stardom; well it was only fair that I spread the word on both, and ask you, my social media comrades, to spare a few moments of your voting time to help them both get one step closer to the finish line. Both familiar names on the ESP blog, it will only take a moment for me to reintroduce you...

Meet Drassick DIGITAL

Download Rise'n'Grind from www.drassickdigital.com 
First up, Drassick is a North London MC with a flair for the current. With an unwavering Grime style that is at once charming and dynamic; don't be fooled into thinking this laidback, fashion-friendly, RnB Pretty Boy, is one to be ignored. The kinetic energy of his Hip Hop lyrics belie his calm, unassuming delivery. Unrestricted by the confines of any one genre - he has the capacity to do them all (and much better spelling and grammatical abilities than the in-house author of his MTV Profile, whom I believe is still 'out to lunch'...) - Drassick remains a stealth contender for the Top Spot.

Vote NOW for Drassick to become MTV's #BrandNew Unsigned Act for 2014! 
Get to know the hazel-eyed boy better in this Once Upon A Time #FindOutFriday interview with Yours Truly, before visiting his website and getting connected. For a snapshot of Drassick DIGITAL at his finest, you're most welcome to give his 'Best Of' playlist a whirl:



When 'People Start Talking', they're most likely buzzing about BEATNIK - the hottest new Songwriting / Production team from this humble part of the globe, with one formidable twist - they also happen to be siblings! Whether you realise it or not, you're already familiar with this primo pair. Nikki and Statis have been making you move in your bedrooms, and on the dancefloor, for several years now! You can even hear their track 'It Came From London' on the ESP Website. Their signature electronic undertone is evident in every genre they play, because they have worked with so many of the best in the Music game. From the grimiest Hip Hop, to the rawest Dancehall, to the most syncopated Drum & Bass - Nikki and Statis Beatnik have that 'Good Music Formula' on lock...

Being my favourite DJs, I can personally attest to them leaving me hobbling for many a day after one of their Deck vs. Deck performance sets (Ladies - wear flats, just...trust me on this one; when they start taking you round the world and through the eras, heels are an added weakness against these merciless DJ Spartans). Their individual CVs are prestigious and long, with many an A-lister to call on for corner-cutting assistance if they so chose. Being the honest, relatable pair that they are however; rather than call on those big names to make the ride that little bit smoother, they are embarking on this new, joint phase all on their own, starting again from the bottom up, by building on the vast support network of admirers that they have worked so hard to earn over their illustrious careers.

Vote NOW for BEATNIK to be your MTV #BrandNew Unsigned Act for 2014! 
Get to know Nikki and Statis better, by connecting with them via the BEATNIK website.

All three are not only supremely talented and deserving of the opportunity, but also some of the nicest people you will ever meet, so I'm taking this opportunity to crown myself their Resident Cheerleader, and wish them both the best! Whichever you choose, voting closes in thirteen days time, on the 18 November visit the MTV website for more information, Terms & Conditions.

There's nothing more for me to say, beyond GET VOTING (and thank you kindly on their behalf)!!!

Until the next...
ES ;)