Friday, 11 April 2014


Most of us start out the year, burrowing away, getting deep into our plans for the coming months, and laying the groundwork to turn ideas into a reality before the last date we circle on the calendar. But sometimes, our best laid plans can turn to mush, and out of nowhere, the first quarter is gone, and you're left feeling stunned, in the aftershock of the runaway time machine that just splattered you head to toe in the grimiest April shower puddle imaginable...

"Where did that week go?"
"Where was I when...?"
"But I thought I had more time!"

All of the above are variations on the theme that echo from choruses across the globe, as the realisation, that a quarter of 2014 has already said 'Sayonara', and that yearend deadline has just about passed - even for the companies with that beautiful bonus gratis filing week. For those sharing parting exchanges with the skin of your teeth - Congratulations on a neck well saved. For those who aren't so lucky, least the #Selfie Song might cheer you up - I know it gave me a right giggle...and an idea - but laugh first, brainwaves after!

Now I know what you're thinking, but bear with me because this joke skit, and the April Showers pounding my window all day so far, combined to give me a fresh new perspective. What on Earth could that possibly be you wonder (beyond secret plans for Friday night before heading out on the town)? Well here goes...

The great thing about a shower; is that they wash away the old, to glisten for the new. And everyone who's ever taken a photograph, never mind a #Selfie knows, that there are no 'first time getsies'; after all, as with anything in life, if at first you don't succeed...Take Another Shot! First picture gruesome? Take Another Shot! First attempt at a plan didn't come to fruition in the way that you planned? Take. Another. Shot!

Now as far as pictures go here at ESP; personal shoots and all event-related purchases are being taken off the roster for the next six weeks but; I'm swallowing my own medicine, and will be Taking Another Shot or few of my own during that time.

A bout of ill-health may have deferred them slightly, but you still have both your PURE London 35, and London Fashion Week AW14 reports to come from Yours Truly; as well as a few brand new additions to some old favourites I've heard tell of your liking...

The days sure are beginning to look like a lot of fun around here! *Ahem*...As of April 21st:

#MusicMondays will return, with my favourite new Sound of the Week, new or vintage, in the #ESPspotlight and guess what, there's even a new Submission Space for you aspiring Artistes! If you want to submit your track* for review** through the ESP dropbox, then you can not only win your track an #ESPspotlight Review worth £9.99rrp (single only); but if you drum up enough Social Media support for your feature through Shares and Likes, and earn the highest audience response of the month***, then you will also win a FULL ESP Electronic Press Kit (EPK)*^, worth £35.00rrp.

Even bigger and better than before, you can also now submit your track to be played by my mate Ms Charley Jai, Real Talk Radio Presenter on Itch FM through the ESP Website:

Click to email your tracks to:
A Message from Ms Charley Jai...


Email your NAME/BIO/Links to (clean tracks only) for a (potential) opportunity to have YOUR music played on Real Talk Radio Show UK, to feature in the Real Talent segment

Tweet @MsCJ80

#WearItWednesdays are all about the Fashion o' the Day! Whether of the Body or Cosmetic variety; Collections Reviews, LookbooksSpotlight Features, Upcoming Events, and much more will bring cheer to your Hump Days!

And just to add an extra bump to your hump; submit your best, most original #iHeartESP selfie for the chance to win a host of fashion-related prizes! From Cosmetics to Fashion, to Training - I'm calling in some of my brand-related friends to help me pick the monthly fave, who will also grace the ESP Facebook Page^ and Website for the coming month! Your ESP design or portrayal (both are acceptable), can be upon any surface that you please, just please keep it clean and pre-watershed! Post your entry with the #iHeartESP and #SELFIE hashtags, tag ESP for a repost, and encourage your friends to like both. The person with the highest number of combined likes will contribute to the judge's final decision!

#FilmFridays brings those Movie Reviews back to the front row. If something is worth watching at the flicks, I'll tell you which to pick...or not as the case may be!

Just answer the weekly trivia question, and enter the end of month bonus round to win a pair of cinema tickets!

And yes, I'd be remiss if I said that #FindOutFridays are never to return - I've had too many lovely enquiries and questions, so rest assured that I AM in the process of putting a schedule together for later in 2014 - YOU spoke, and I heard you!

Now that we're all caught up, I'd just like to say a heartfelt Thank You to all of my regulars, who've taken their valuable time out, to enquire over my wellbeing and send me get well wishes. They were, and are, humbly received, and eternally loved. I'll be back at an event near you before you know it!

See you soon!
ES ;)


* Please note that not ALL tracks submitted will be reviewed. Selections will be between 1-4 tracks per month. Tracks must be clean, mixed, and contain full and proper social media and contact information, or will not be considered. Entrants should also include ONE hi-resolution press photograph, and track artwork, or will not be considered.

** Full mixtapes will NOT be considered, unless you are submitting for the chargeable service under the ESPprofile package, in which case, please complete the website order form.

*** Eligible entries must have over 10 likes on at least ONE of the accepted Social Mediums to enter.

*^ ESPprofile Electronic Press Kits consist of ONE Artist Biography, ONE Product Press Release, and ONE #ESPspotlight Review. Winners are required to provide up to THREE hi-resolution Press Photos, and OWN track artwork.

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  • '#MusicMonday - Song of the Week' Review entries should be submitted via the ESP dropbox on Soundcloud. You will need a Soundcloud account in order to access this service.

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