Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#WearItWednesday: Pure London MUA Laurretta Power is #InFocus

The makeup styling at Pure London in February was a dramatic change from that of Pure34 last August; so much so, that I decided that not speaking to the supertalented Artist who brought the seemingly dark and dangerous concept to life would be overlooking one of the most crucial parts of the entire catwalk show - the part that created the Atmosphere. So after some minimal detective work (printed credits on programmes are all well and good, but Instagram is the best Super Sleuth tool that a girl can have in her arsenal!) I tracked down the wonderfully warm and friendly Laurretta Power, and invited her to share her thought process behind the dangerously sexy edge she added to the stage environment...

Miss Laurretta Power
Chief Makeup Artist, Pure London 35.

ES: What was your guide brief on the looks you created, and how did you go about executing them?

LP: "I was asked to forward my forecasts for autumn/winter makeup trends for 2014 a few months back. I compiled about 6 different boards with different variations on looks, and the client came back a few weeks ago with their favorites, from which I created my take. I opted for light, reflective, bright skin, metallics, smudged, lived in eyes, and naked lips. Brows were defined, but not overly, whilst lashes were piled with mascara for a look that can be transformed with ease for the high street."

ES: Did you have/use any specific inspirations in your planning, and if so, who/what were they?

LP: "For inspiration I channelled Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner meets Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows - like old glamour meets ghetto grunge."

ES: How many models did you have to prepare? How many do you need in your team to manage that number, and what's the approximate prep time (including practice)?

LP: "There was a total of 10 models. On my team I had 2 assistants and 2 makeup artists as well as myself. Each morning took roughly 3 hours to do makeup with refreshing looks between shows all day. We also did the makeup test the Saturday before which took about an hour, luckily the client loved the look straight away so no changes were made."

ES: How did you coordinate the looks that you planned with the hair department, and did you have to make any adjustments to make the overall looks cohesive?

LP: "The organiser knew what she wanted from hairI had no say in it. Makeup was signed off on the 1st look (by the organiser); the only thing I changed during the run of the shows was the lip - I switched from a very nude pencil to plain, no colour balm, as the model's lips were becoming dehydrated so the balm looked better and more nourished."

You can find Lauretta on Instagram at the above address, or Tweet Laurretta here.

I hope you enjoyed the very first #WearItWednesday InFocus feature! The Lovely Laurretta certainly does some amazing work - lookout for her backstage at a catwalk near you...

Until the next!
ES ;)