Monday, 28 April 2014

#MusicMonday News Headlines: BEATNIK Are Baaack! Jay & Bey Go 'On The Run' - Will You Give #Chase?

My favourite mixing duo are back with a BRAND NEW residency at the prestigious Wyld Bar in Leicester Square, as of Wednesday, 30 April - that's two days away for your midweek dancing feet.

Make sure you catch them sooner rather than later, because believe me, if you haven't caught a Beatnik set, then you haven't had the best night out in London (also, don't get too attached to your feet - you're going to dance them right off the end of your legs).

The music will, of course, be excellent, that's a given; but more than anything, a Beatnik night means one for the creatives; the only thing monochrome about this sibling sound system duo, is their rather nice new flyer for the night. And did I happen to mention that it's also FREE ENTRY? So what have you got to lose? It's worth a slightly sluggish Thursday - trust me when I tell you this, I speak from experience.

You have been warned...

Will YOU Give #Chase?

Just when you thought they couldn't possibly milk any more money out of the concert-going public, JayZ and the Mrs have revived their Bonnie & Clyde personas, and plan to take 'the #Chase' #OnTheRun this Summer, for those who actually want to follow them across North America... Tickets go on sale at 10AM (EST) tomorrow (April 29th).

I s'pose we all better prepare for the promo steam train, it's about to roll through, well, The Globe...*sigh*.

ES ;)