Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Welcome to #WearItWednesday - The New Most FASHIONABLE Day of The Week!

Appearing fashionably late is something of a prerequisite in this visual art fair that we call one of the world's biggest Industries. And so here I am, arriving just in time for an evening of show and tell...

#WearItWednesday is an idea that I've been wanting to put into action for some time now. Why not have a day that's dedicated to one of my favourite pastimes, that I believe you all are a fan of too? And so here it is - in a very sectored sort of fashion (hey it worked for the ESP shop, see for yourself if you don't believe me)! Seven themes dedicated to various different avenues of the genre. Don't think there are that many to consider? Well think again! This season, you will find:

Beautique, the brand new Beauty segment, devoted to all things cosmetic. Find your beauty buys and advice in this column.

You're well familiar with ESPspotlight pieces by now, so you know these pieces cover Interviews, Topics, Facts and Information, or Events; like the first instalment of Pure London AW14, which you can catch, from the perspective of Yours Truly right here, a mere matter of moments away...

Headlines are exactly what it says on the tin - News and info, details on Upcoming Events and much more.

The people in the Fashion Industry are a fascinating bunch, and that's why I wanted to put a select amount of them In Focus, so that you get to understand their roles, and what they do. You might also find the odd few willing to give YOU some guidance on how to get started in the Industry!

Bodies like the WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) set the rules for every season, a year in advance by forecasting based on insights. They tell the world what to expect about the direction of Fashion, as it evolves into more and more varied artforms (macro trends). On Trend let's you know what the latest is, and where you can get it.

And finally, Vintage Vogue are past features burning a hole in my hard drive, just waiting for the appropriate moment to set your awesome consciousness on fire.

Now that you know what kind of (select) features you'll be reading every week, it's time for me to bring you the first one of the day...well ok, evening, then.

#StayTuned - #WearItWednesday commences NOW...

ES ;)