Friday, 11 April 2014

Jewellery Raffle Emergency Fund - Help Needed!

I recently came across an Instagram post by a lovely lady that I was honoured to meet at JeDeCo's 1st Birthday Party last September. The post told of a tragic, sudden loss, and the resulting emergency fundraising effort. I firmly believe that FriendColleague, or Acquaintance, we should all help one another where we can, so here's my little drop in the ocean.

Over to you Stephanie...

"Jewellery Raffle!

On Monday this week I had sad news that a dear friend passed away from an unfortunate accident. Since last March, he has been on an adventure to cycle across Europe, before stopping in Hemsedal, Norway, for the Winter season. Unfortunately his insurance ran out two weeks ago and it’s going to cost £8,000 to bring him home. I am holding a Jewellery raffle to help raise funds.

The prize:
Option one: A silver or Gold plated Silver Kite pendant
Option two: Geometric cufflinks

Raffle entry is £1
A maximum of 3x raffle entries per person
You’re more than welcome to donate as much as you like, but only 3 raffle entries will be counted

How to enter:
Visit my Facebook page and find the top entry post. Choose a number between 1-500 and leave your comment below, depending on how many times you have entered, and for which prize(s). Please scroll to see what numbers have already been taken.
Please send your raffle entry payment via PayPal – please send as ‘gift’ to avoid Paypal fees.

The raffle will be drawn THIS SATURDAY afternoon at around 4pm. We are holding a fund-raiser in the evening for Andy at one of our local pubs, so I would like to draw the raffle before this.

This is a short deadline so please share as much as possible, your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your support!"

Stephanie Bates - Jewellery Designer