Monday, 21 April 2014

Welcome to the ALL NEW #MusicMonday feature on 'The ESintheP Blog'!

Welcome to the ALL NEW
#MusicMonday feature on 'The ESintheP Blog'!

There's been a teensy bit of a revamp all-round if you've noticed, but for those who are new, let me introduce you...

If ever you question what else this blog portal has to offer, then there is a handy shop slideshow on your right. For more details, simply visit the ESP websiteCheck ESP Social Media for the latest news, or better still, connect directly, so that you get all the breaking alerts first! See what's most popular on the blog, by checking the everchanging Top 5 stories. Or purchase the mainstream releases that you see, or read about here - like Iggy Azalea's new album review, coming later today, with a twist - from Amazon in the bottom-right.

Oh yes, and do be sure to share your thoughts on the new blog banner - do we like, or no? You tell me in the Comments Box below.

Now to the meat of the meal. #MusicMonday will consist of any, or all of the following features in any given week:

Headlines are the top News Stories of the past week. They may not always match with the mainstream - in fact I sincerely hope they don't - but you will learn interesting tidbits that you're not as likely to pick up anywhere else!

Since this IS a Spotlight forum, Flashing Lights is dedicated to the winner of our weekly music review...

Lost In Music returns, with a look at past releases, that left an indelible print on musical history.

Sound of the Week is the tune that won't get out of my head, and imprints on my brain. Love it or Hate it, Old, New, or Just Released - it could be anything!

Talk on Corners is the talking point where I shine a light on certain topics currently ongoing, or that seem to be slipping under the radar, and ask YOU to join in the talk with me, over the course of the week.

And finally, Wave Runner is a look at the biggest songs in the media right now (and occasional, legitimate examinations of why on Earth they're there...)

Now as an EXTRA-special Launch Day Treat, I'm giving you one of EVERYTHING throughout the course of the day - but don't think I'll be spoiling you like this every week! With the exception of Flashing Lights, and Headlines, only a selection of features will run every Monday. Sidenote: Naming features after song titles certainly does help create a theme, let me tell you...and we all know how I love a theme!

It's time to get ready for your first offering of the day. It's only right to open big on a celebratory day...ENJOY (and please do let me know what you enjoy [or not] the most)!!!

ES ;)