Monday, 21 April 2014

#MUSICMONDAY's First FLASHING LIGHTS WINNER: 'Where Have You Been', 85th Decibel

Our very first winner to go into the monthly prize draw, are the Rock / Rap Production duo that is 85th Decibel.

Emeka and Warrs are 85th Decibel
Musician and Producer Mx, and Rapper Warrs caught my attention with their entry, for the perfect mix of haunting and tortured pain. The Rock undercurrent is hypnotising, as Warrs practically bleeds through his bars. His anger and frustration with the girlfriend who just does not understand, the determination and struggle to succeed in a man so young, and so bitter, that you can practically taste it.

Whilst the loneliness of a one-sided relationship can drive you to the edge of distraction; the exasperation with a partner who just does not support, nor understand your dreams, can be equally stressful.

The building blocks of Mx’s production make the overall offering that much more interesting; especially when you realise that he has played every instrument you hear, himself.

These two extremely talented young men are the first recipients of the Flashing Lights competition, and won themselves this track Review. It’s going to be a tough job, picking a track that grabbed my attention as much as this one, in next week’s competition. As you can see, the bar has been set very high, my musical friends – I certainly hope that you can rise to the occasion

Connect with the gents of 85DB directly via their Social Media Catalogue:

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