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WearItWednesday ESPnews My LFW SS17 Summary; IJL People's Choice Winner

Take 2 - and once again, I say WHEW, what a WEEK!

Repeating almost everything I wrote before my unruly computer crashed (yes, the Saga continues), I was busy telling you all about my exploits in the second week of the year, when the World's glitterati descend upon London Town...No, I'm not talking about the BAFTAs. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you will have known that England's capital has been under the spell of London Fashion Week Spring Summer 17 - the 2nd most fashionable week in the annual calendar; and despite a conversation two years and three months ago, where I was told after the culmination of thirteen chronic, degenerative illnesses caused both legs to fail and put me in a hospital bed for almost six months in total due to severe weakness and pain; that I would no longer be able to maintain such activities - Yours Truly found herself FROW (Front Row for those not in the know) at every event I attended. I don't wanna blow my own trumpet, but can I get a round of applause, please? Just kidding...a simple comment below will do! :)


Starting with Ones To Watch; Ana Ljubinkovic, Anissa Aida, Billie Jacobina, and Ester Kubisz showed off the collections that earned them the coveted Fashion Scout title. Followed a little later by the beautiful talents of the unfamiliar Rocky Star who made such luxurious clothing, that I just wanted to roll around in the yards of satin and lace the gifted man used to create his collection.

Ana Ljubinkovic SS17

Rocky Star SS17

From middle-eastern bliss to hometown kitcsh; Pam Hogg's latest collection actually shocked me - find out why in my three-part SS17 series starting October 5th - yes, yes, I know that seems like a long time away, but in reality, it's a teeny weeny fortnight. A) because we have some other business to finish discussing first (Fashion Undressed, anyone?), b) because I need time to arrange the simply divine albums full of pictures that I captured for you; and c) because I have so much to share with you that I couldn't possibly bring you all of it by next week - it's a feat of human impossibility.

Pam Hogg - 'Great Expectations' SS17


Day Two began on a sour note - where the exertions of the previous day had begun to catch up with me, I was completely exhausted and in utter pain, causing me to miss the first two shows of the day (Ever so sorry Ollari and Delna Poonawalla), at a Charing Cross hotel. I did however, make it in time for my highlight of the day - Ashley Isham's pool party theme did not disappoint. There was quite a wait after the spectacularity my lovely new Carer Ana and I had just witnessed (even she fell in love with a well-oiled, hunky, blue-eyed specimen); and so I used the opportunity to grab a complimentary hand massage at event sponsor's Crabtree & Evelyn's foliage / chill out zone, before taking in the exhibition.

Ashley Isham Fashion Scout Finale - London Fashion Week SS17 

Once done, it was time for cocktails courtesy of Forward PR and design label prophetik - or so my invitation said, until the very kind Security team who had been looking after  me - escorting me to pre-arranged seating areas, and genuinely becoming friends by the time the five days were over - informed me that actually, I had not been invited. Despite the print on my invitation, I had been misled; I was not invited to the cocktail portion of the evening, as I was missing a sticker. Kind as Security were however, they let Ana and I sneak in one glass of champagne, where I networked, and met a lovely lady designer that I shall be telling you more about at a later time.

Back to the shenanigans however, and after my refreshment I was escorted to the Gallery by my friend Uncle Bob...

Whilst prophetik were still doing their run through, I got to hear the amazing Dorado soundcheck, as some of the models practised their walks. After a wait, and some more socialising, this time with one of the makeup company's sponsors, the show finally began, and we were introduced to designer Jeff Garner's 'Nevermore' collection.

prophetik SS17 'Nevermore' Finale - Fashion Scout


Day Three was another tough start. My osteoarthritic hands had swollen exponentially from overuse. But, not to be deterred, I called on my Carer for assistance where need be, and despite missing my first show (my sincerest apologies Apu Jan), I made it to the Cimone show, which was the highlight of my day

Cimone SS17

Back in the exhibition area afterwards, I took the opportunity to talk with some of the Fashion Pioneers. I met the extraordinary designer Luca of Cruz Bueno, who talked me through his Greek mythology-inspired collection of Ready To Wear through to Couture designs. Look out for a special on his collection in the coming weeks.

Cruz Bueno SS17

House of MEA was next, and the sumptuous design collective left me breathless.

Studio H J, House of MEA SS17

As getting to the V&A via public transport in under half an hour would prove an impossible feat in a wheelchair; we decided to take in the Malan Breton show instead, and I'm ever so glad that we did. His collection was full of rigid lines, statement blocks of colour, brocade, and terse dark florals on rough fabrics that didn't soften with the addition of capes and trains. His designs implied they were made for a strong woman, destined to take the world by storm.

Malan Breton Finale - Fashion Scout SS17


By Day Four, my body had had it, and fought back against all my unauthorised adventures and activities. With the help of my amazing Mother and very sweet Carer, I managed to make it as far as my first mode of travel, before I had to concede defeat and return home to bed. Vin & Omi - I am so very sorry for not being able to attend what I am certain was a fabulous show


I rallied my strength for the final day of London's second most fashionable week of the year, with an industry net worth of £28 billion pounds (Mayor of London). Placed for David Ferriera's 'I Must Be The Reason For Your Erection' (yes, you did read that right); I was pleasantly surprised to find that the show was nothing like what the title suggested - instead it was...well, read all about it in the second instalment of Fashion Week special on October 12th. That wasn't all though - if you head over to the brand spanking new Facebook Page (in desperate need of some likes), you will catch the designer himself explain his theory behind the concept of the collection - don't miss it, he was really very sweet!

David Ferriera, 'I Must Be The Reason For Your Erection' SS17 - Fashion Scout

And there you have it - my summary of my first fashion week back on the circuit. My Jehovah willing, I'll make it back to many more. I hope I did you all proud, don't forget to look out for the reviews in detail on each designer's piece of work, with dedicated photo albums on the Facebook Page mentioned above. Let me know your thoughts on my take on YOUR stage below - I'm waiting to hear from you!


IJL 2016 announce KickStarter Marina Skia as winner of the People’s Choice Award

Marina Skia has been voted by the industry as the winner of the much coveted, eighth IJL 2016 ‘People’s Choice’ award and will receive a free stand in the IJL Design Gallery in 2017.

Sam Willoughby, Event Director, commented: "Many congratulations to Marina who mounted a very successful social media campaign. A big thank you also to the industry for their considerable support which has helped promote all of this year’s KickStarters. We are all looking forward to seeing their work at IJL2016.”

Marina Skia is currently Artist in Residence at Sir John Cass, London Metropolitan University. She cleverly identified people and organisations with large groups of followers, mainly through Facebook, to engage their support of her campaign. This included several fashion bloggers as well as Cass students, staff and friends on Facebook.

Her strategy paid off and her campaign reach grew thanks to numerous shares, new followers and messages of support from people who voted for her. On being chosen, Marina said: “I am delighted and honoured to win the People’s Choice Award. The competition provided the perfect opportunity to promote my work to a bigger audience and winning it is a great step forward for my brand. I was so surprised by the enthusiasm and support I received during the campaign and am very grateful to all who helped me win the People’s Choice Award.”

Marina draws on the beauty, forms and shapes encountered in Nature. The sea and the motion of water is one of her strongest sources of inspiration. Her work is graphic and characterized by bold geometry, clean lines, and an emphasis on detail. In her brass and silver pieces Marina combines traditional hand making skills she was taught while training as a jeweller in Greece, with contemporary technologies she was introduced to while studying jewellery design in London.

The unique KickStart scheme is run by IJL and supported by the National Association of Jewellers, and is an excellent way for retailers and buyers to discover the talent of the future.

The full line up for KickStart 2016 is Joanna Bury, Emily Richardson (Emily Richardson Jewellery), Emma Calvert, Sammie Jo Coxon (SJC London), C├ęcile Gilbert, Vicky Lew, Lucas Mitchell (Lucas Alexander), Charlotte Scott Moncrieff (CF Concept), Marina Skia and Jonna Jarvenpaa and  Laura Vilppula (Addalit). For more details, please go to:


And that's it for this week! Up next is OnTrends - Enjoy!

Until the next...

Fashion Week photographs courtesy of EricaSharlette for EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd.
People's Choice Award photographs courtesy of Hammond PR.