Wednesday, 7 September 2016

ESP #InFocus:Karen Radley, Scoop & The City Trade Show Founder

Welcome to the first InFocus interview since the launch of EricaSharlette's Purview!

The purpose of this feature is to highlight people in the fashion industry, with careers of note. From those on the front line doing the most obvious coveted jobs, to those behind the scenes, who enable those on the front line to shine.

For this week's inaugural interview, I talked to Karen Radley, Founder of the Scoop & the City trade show event. Taking place in Old Billingsgate, where it was temporarily housed in July; the last event was set to be my first foray into the arena. Unfortunately, I was too unwell during the period in which I was due to attend to take in the experience in all of it's humble glory. Thankfully, Karen had already kindly given me her time, so that I can share her post, her experience, and all of experimental endeavours with you - read on...

Karen Radley
1. For those who are unfamiliar, how long has the event been running?

Since February 2011.

2. As the founder, what do you hope your visitors will take away from the event?

(That it is) contemporary, emerging (and provides), interesting and affordable fashion.

3. What is your favourite part of the event?

Bringing together the buyers and exhibitors.

4. How did your qualifications best prepare you for your job role, and where do you find that you use them the most?

I am the fourth generation in fashion and ladies wear! My background includes design, manufacture, retail and wholesale - for the past 43 years!

5. Most of my readers are people looking to get into the industry via non-traditional means. What advice would you give them in order to become a member of your team or take on a role similar to yours?

Start at the bottom - you can never get enough experience!

6. You've had a very varied career - where do you see your experience at Scoop taking you in regards to your next venture?

One should never stand still. My experience allows me to never be afraid of challenges.

7. What do you feel people most misunderstand about your role?

Some issues are outside of my control, such as weather being too hot / cold for buyers to attend, or transport links / strikes / demonstrations delay visitors attending the show.

8. What role did you perform at your father's company, and how has it prepared you for what you do now at Scoop?

I started at the bottom packing and went onto production, sales, retail and then managing the designer company called Quorum.

9. How did your work with the Saatchi gallery come about?

I simply contacted them to see if they were interested in working with me!

10. What do you see as the goals for the Scoop brand going forward?

Lots of ideas are bubbling around in my mind at present - watch this space!


The next Scoop & the City trade show takes place at the Saatchi Gallery from the 12-14 February, 2017. Visit the Scoop website for more information.

I have to say a massive thank you to Karen for taking time out of her manic schedule in the lead up to the Scoop & the City event to answer my questions; and also Donna Lambert at Lambs to Slaughter PR for facilitating this interview. I was anxious to hear Karen's answers, and gather that putting on your own trade show is no easy feat! Have a question or comment about this interview? Post it below, and let your voice be heard!

Be sure to come back next week, when I talk to Ali Lowe, Founder and Director of Felicities PR about her start, and how she came to manage some of the world's top brands and artists!

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