Monday, 5 September 2016

#SoundOfTheWeek: Backstreet Boys - Everybody

You'll never hear the words 'chicken satay' quite the same way again.

Your imagination has whet your appetite,
it's definitely Chinese food tonight.
You've called up and sung your order down the phone, and look, 
here's the young delivery driver - come to bring hot delicacies to your home.
But wait, what has he to say?
One last line from the song, now brought up to date...

Backstreet's Back alright - and here's why...

Since the nation was introduced to the latest musical endeavour of a certain fast food takeaway chain several months ago; we've all been overtaken by the (some would say annoying) mental playback of a top 5 track from one of America's best-loved imports - the Backstreet Boys.

Debuting at no.3 in the UK charts on the 2nd August 1997, and remaining consistently high for a further 11 weeks, the Thriller-esque tribute saw the 5-piece act as ghosts, ghouls and mummies, intent on bringing a number of rather attractive females over to their highly (un)believable dark side

The track inspired a (partially) hilarious send up of the original boyband format (I personally don't laugh until the curly-haired brunette whet's my comedic appetite) which, has been so successful, that it spawned a second part some months later. There's no doubt of the literal commercial success, if the 2.2 million YouTube views are anything to go by.

Clearly a hit with the British public; let's not forget the reason for it's triumph though - the original 5 boys who brought us the track. Though I prefer the advert, myself, 76.2 million views on said YouTube don't agree; and so for those 90s boyband fans, this one is for you - enjoy the Boys at your leisure....

Come back next week to find out the next Sound of the Week - submissions welcome)!

Until the next...