Wednesday, 14 September 2016

WearItWednesday: ESPnews - Launch of Beau Han Xu SPLASH! Couture Jewellery Collection, and the New Beau Cut

In this week's ESPnews, the ESPspotlight belongs to the talents of the many designers associated with my friends at Hammond PR...Read on - they only deal with the best of the best:

Beau Han Xu – launches with a SPLASH!

Beau Han Xu, London is a new, innovative and luxurious lifestyle collection created by the award-winning jewellery designer and artist Beau Han Xu. His works include SPLASH! - The Beau Han Xu Diamond Couture Jewellery Collection.

Inspired by Nature and the Ethereal, Beau is driven by the desire to freeze frame inspirational moments in time in his creations: a raindrop’s splash and the subtleties of light playing on light.

Beau Han Xu is a graduate of the internationally renowned Royal College of Art, where he specialised in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery (GSM&J). In 2015 Beau showcased his SPLASH! Diamond Couture Jewellery Collection at International Jewellery London, the premier jewellery and watch show in the UK, as an applauded Bright Young Gem.

The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council in 2016 awarded Beau with two Gold Awards, which included a Special Council Award, in the Fashion Led Conceptual Jewellery category, together with a Silver Award in the Precious Jewellery category for gold, platinum and palladium category, for his SPLASH! Diamond and Glass jewellery collection. 

The innovative Beau Cut™ was created by Swarovski in conjunction with Beau Han Xu – delivering exceptional brilliance and sparkle through the fine precision cutting.

SPLASH! Diamond Couture Jewellery

The beautiful Beau Han Xu SPLASH! Diamond Couture jewellery collection is inspired by a water droplet splash frozen in time.

Intricately crafted, the diamonds swim in a unique carrier liquid beneath the specially durable glass - each movement harnessing and enhancing the reflective energy of these precious stones.

This totally unique metal-less technique transcends the constraints of traditional stone setting - marrying the art of finely crafted, hand blown glass and traditional stones, to create this exquisite jewellery collection. These are ‘art’ pieces in their own right – showcasing intricate new combinations that have not been traditionally used before.


The new innovative Beau Cut has been created by Swarovski in conjunction with award winning jewellery designer, Beau Han Xu - delivering exceptional brilliance and sparkle through the fine precision cutting.

With the generosity of an open brief, Beau's thoughts turned to the inspiration behind his couture jewellery collection Splash! - in which his pieces capture the preciously beautiful moment of the impact of a falling water drop. These are moments the human eye cannot see, but can be captured and caught on high speed cameras.

Bringing the Beau Cut alive, Beau was inspired by the shape of a perfect water droplet and collaborated with scientists and photographers to capture this exquisitely organic shape, formed by gravity.

These images of flawless water droplets fired his imagination. Applying his knowledge as a gemmologist, he transposed this perfect shape onto each facet of a stone, presenting a water drop faceted diamond shape, repetitively totalling 60+1 facets or 60 facets + 1 cutlet. So from the perfect water drop shape, the Beau Cut was created.

"To work with Swarovski is a real privilege and honour. Featuring these beautiful new Beau Cut Swarovski Zirconia in my new Barware line creates totally unique glasses and decanters - a beautiful drinking experience!" commented Beau.

The Beau Cut is the perfect combination of organic form, entwined with the traditional brilliant cut shape - creating exceptional brilliance and sparkle through both the facets and the fine precision cutting by Swarovski.

BEAU CUT Glassware

An exquisite collection of twelve elegant glass shapes - including Red, White, Rosé, Martini, Cocktail, Whiskey, Cognac, Shot Glass, and of course, Champagne, paired with a stunning beautiful decanter.

Each individual Beau Cut, precision cut by Swarovski, freely falls and sparkles, suspended inside each glass stem. These hand blown glasses and decanter are created from glass made with the purest of waters in the The Black Forest area of Germany. Each glass bowl tenderly cups the signature Beau Han Xu perfect water droplet. As the glass moves, Beau Cut™, floats in a special carrier liquid, swimming and sparkling creating a 'diamond flow' mirage. These pieces can also be commissioned with real diamonds.

SPLASH! Luxury Art Sculptures
Beau Han Xu, London, Luxury Art Sculptures are totally unique, hand crafted art works that add a beautiful new dimension to familiar objects. Created with his finely crafted, hand blown glass signature technique with free floating diamonds; each of these pieces harnesses the reflective energy and beauty of th gemstones with astonishing effect.

Measure the passing of time with a brilliantly hand crafted glass timer, filled with free falling, sparkling diamonds.

Create an ever changing spectacle of light with a chandelier filled with swimming, sparkling diamonds.

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