Friday, 19 July 2013


I broke my own rule prior to London Jewellery Week 2013. I adopted pre-conceived notions of what I thought the whole thing was going to be about, which is something I rarely, if ever, do. Now that the doors have closed for another year; I'm a big enough girl to admit that I was oh so very wrong. The sheer variety of event types that made up this 10-day shine fest was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing about it, whilst simultaneously being the most valuable lesson learned. For every pretentious jeweller, not interested in wasting time with a blogger outside of their usual respected publication list, there were 10 more, far more down-to-earth, genuine people, ready to share their creative inspirations and experience at their respective event; in other words - my kind of people! From jewellery making to exhibitions, to utter catwalk beauty; here's my rundown of London Jewellery Week 2013...

As you'll know from my first-day round up, Jewel East at Old Spitalfields Market was my first stop. The opportunity to speak with designers like Ayako Kanari and Michelle Oh directly was brilliant - particularly since I kept seeing their works pop up at different events throughout the week! A really enjoyable opener, I'm glad I picked the 3-day event as my first stop on the tour.

Made In Morley was my second. The chance to go behind the scenes and get a climpse at what actually goes into making the wonderful pieces I would go on to see throughout the various events actually gave me a greater appreciation of what I was looking at. I even got the opportunity to make my own - judge for yourself whether or not it was any good!

The Cold Lillies AW13 Private Press Launch at the Aldwych Hotel, was definitely a highlight of the entire event. Irish Company Co-Directors and Founders Kim Knowles and Ciara McKenna absolutely floored me by being such wonderfully warm and friendly hosts; making what could have been quite an uber-stuffy event, all the more enjoyable. The collections they showcased from 30+ designers were beautifully delicate. The chance to enjoy them in that quiet, intimate setting, afforded time to take in their sumptuous details, and also meet some of the designers on a one-to-one, informal footing; thus providing a brilliant setup for the The Watch Salon and Jewellery Show London taking place just around the corner.

After my first stint at Fashion Week in February, it seemed only fitting to return to Somerset House for my beginner's foray into our Capital's Jewellery and accessory equivalent. There was just far too much beauty to take in at The Watch Salon and Jewellery Show London in one day, so I had no choice but to attend both. Tough as that was; aside from meeting even more hugely talented people, it provided my biggest highpoint of the week - The Catwalk Show. From head-to-toe, every model's attire was positively stunning. It takes the crown for best all-round presentation to-date.

JeDeCo High Street Gems at the Oxo Tower Wharf exhibited an entirely unique collection of designers. What set them apart, was that the boutique was also taking part in the UK Shop Window Competition. It was great to see the creativity brought to life according to the competition brief, and lovely to meet Emma Beane, one of the designers behind the boutique entry's vision.

The Treasure VIP Opening Evening & Press Preview was the last event I attended, and it left me desperate for more than my annoyingly pressing diary would allow. The flagship event of Jewellery Week 2013 - also at Somerset House - was every bit the splendour that I expected; stopping just short of choruses of Marilyn singing about diamonds and the striking resemblance they bore to her best friend...No...wait...Yep, that was definitely her that I heard in my head. From the champagne reception to the jawdropping Swaroski Trail, it was a wonderful opportunity to speak with some of the designers that I read about during the lead up.

Alas, now that it's all done and literally dusted; I must thank LJW Managing Director, Della Tinsley and Comms and Events Manager, Nell Monck for having me along to their absolutely brilliant event. Thank the Heavens above I took a year's worth of photos (all on the ESP Facebook Page) to tide me over until the next; as I now find myself in serious withdrawal. I need shiny, pretty accessories, with fascinating backstories to accompany them...International Jewellery London in September, anyone?!

ES ;)