Thursday, 18 July 2013


In the final instalment of my 10-part, London Jewellery Week special fashion, style and elegance reigned supreme, as the finest Jewellers from across the world showed up to provide exactly the kind of regalia that I had been expecting at every stop during the event to date.

What I hadn't been expecting however, was how comfortably warm, and welcome (almost) all the exhibitors made a lowly blogger feel, and how unforgettable the night would be as a result. Everywhere you turned, gems, smiles, or both sparkled in return. Presented with my complimentary gift bag and champagne flute on entry; the usual question of Where To Begin(?) arose. As I mentally replied in my usual, Julie Andrews-esque fashion, I was greeted by Jewellery Week MD, Della Tinsley, and Comms and Events Manager, Nell Monck.

(l-r) Della Tinsley and Nell Monck
My gracious hosts welcomed me even more wholeheartedly than at the beginning of my Jewel East foray and, despite being in high demand with other guests, were genuinely keen to hear about my experiences since I had seen them last. If all organisers were as open to feedback as these ladies, I can promise you that there would never be another event hiccup again.

As well as introducing me to an entirely new set of designers, the event provided an opportunity to see a different wing of the lavish Somerset House estate. Prior to the Catwalk Show at Jewellery Show London the previous day, I had yet to visit the Embankment Galleries. Overlooking the murky River Thames; the contrast to the rest of the South Wing was just as enjoyable a surprise - it's brown brick tunnels, chrome accents, white walls and recessed galleries, fitting the bedazzling night's theme to a T.

HopSkip & Flutter
Separated into trails, I started with the lovely hall we were being ushered into, by super-friendly and helpful staff. HopSkip & Flutter had some beautiful porcelain pieces, that made you want to hop aboard the nearest carousel - a refreshing discovery, since I had yet to come across any designers competing with that particular material choice. It was the Vittorio Ceccoli stand however, who were the first to bring my eager feet to a standstill - mainly because crystal-embellished or not; they were rooted to the spot in eerie discomfort, at the sight of some far too real reptile reproductions.

Vittorio Ceccoli

Poppy Porter
Poppy Porter was my first favourite of the night; not just for her unusual shapes and designs, but also for her unique, inspirational starting point. A Grand Prix fanatic; Poppy uses mostly titanium, silver, and pearls, to create works that marry the sleekness of Formula 1 car designs with the vibrance of flowing Japanese-style kimonos, in the most unexpected of unions

My second favourite of the night, and strong contender for most compelling designer of London Jewellery Week, was Jessica de Lotz. From her personal fashion sense to the layout of her exhibition stand, everything about her screamed effortlessly interesting; her display showcasing some of the most interesting and unorthodox pieces I had witnessed to date. 1940's glamour draped Lotz' imaginative collection, which ranged from rings with eyes to apple core necklaces.

Jessica de Lotz
Chatting about her inspirations and methods did nothing to dispel her charm - instead making the creations all the more fascinating. A story behind everything the eye fell upon, I could quite happily have spent the rest of the evening immersing myself in the detail of each piece but alas, there were five other trails to see, not including the Men's collection...

Jessica de Lotz

Onward to the Swarovski trail and, unfortunately for those others, that beautiful stretch of space held this willing victim captive in the throes of crystal beauty for the rest of the party. Past winners and entrants were celebrated at the I-Beads and Crystal Glam 2013 stands, with breathtaking works like Océanie Créations' 'La Marquise de Pompadour', and Aria Campbell-Kelly's 'Two Forty-Five' offering the opportunity to get completely lost in indulgence.

'La Marquise de Pompadour' by Océanie Créations, 3rd Place Winner, Swarovski's 2010 European Design Contest

'Two Forty-Five' by Aria Campbell-Kelly
2nd Place Winner, Swarovski 2010 European Design Contest
In the far too short moments that followed, building security announced the end of my reverie and with it, the final chapter of an experience so far removed from what I was expecting when I began this series, that I couldn't possibly fathom taking any more information away from it. The Treasure trails launch was the perfect close to my Jewellery Week exploits. The celebration of talent, beauty, creative innovation, skill and most importantly, education, was an unmissable eye-opener to an unfamiliar world, that I would recommend to anyone looking to learn more about fashion. London Jewellery Week was a brilliant introduction to, and timely reminder of, the credible position of accessories as a separate faction under the massive expanse covered by the fashion industry.

Thanks for having me #JW13!

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