Wednesday, 19 June 2013


This young lady is set to release the first project to pique my interest in UK Hip Hop in the last six months. 23 years young; Lebanese MC and Actress Laughta is set to unleash her 5-track, sophomore EP, 'Most Wanted' this coming Monday, 24 June.

Having had more than a few listens over the last few days - whether intentional or not, what rings most clear, is how well she hits specific audiences in each of the tracks on the list.

Available from Monday via Laughta's bandcamp account
From the opening strains of 'Tool', the sound is unmistakably British, with LONDON FIRE stamped throughout each broken beat. Establishing her sound as a borderline Grime contender with a difference; the first track is an Independence Anthemtwo-finger salute to the ex who took her for granted before he realised her obvious potential. There's no mistaking Laughta's 'great energy and unique, quirky sound', as described recently by fellow artist Lady Lykez. The first of several catchy hooks, you can imagine this one blaring out of car stereos everywhere.

'Hard At Work' was never a more apt title. The track showcases a rap skill, and lyrical prowess that proves this lady is nothing to laugh about. Tailor-made for homegrown airplay; one can only hope Laughta gives serious consideration to submitting this to every radio station in the lands ruled by Old Elizabeth. Was I too subtle with that one, or was the hint sledghammer-worthy?!

'What'ya Looking At' is a refreshing change of pace that, despite the calm tone of her delivery, lets you know she's no lightweight; not in her chosen musical genre, or her everyday encounters. A nice Summertime track with good production from Str8face, Laughta's cheekily comedic, storytelling abilities serve well for the scenario-favouring audiences like myself.

'Love Me Or Leave Me' is the 'take a stand' tale that begins reminiscing about the good ole days of young, new love, before the object of your affection gets a little too comfortable. Where 'Tool' marked Laughta's generic territory musically, 'Hard At Work' established her skill level amongst her peers and 'What'ya Looking At' showed her temperate versatility whilst also touching on her storytelling abilities; in 'Love Me Or Leave Me', Laughta fully focuses on drawing you into the tale she's telling, until her memory becomes one of your own. Another catchy hook, this one stays in your head hours after you've finished listening.

Title track 'Most Wanted' is a good battle jab for this early stage of her career. Fully sold on the infectious character that dominates throughout; her simple similes imply nothing but the promise of progression that you fully expect her to realise by the inevitable next project.

Although this outing could have benefited well from another 2-3 tracks to strengthen the overall body of work, the precise selection of songs that showcase some of her best selling points are the obvious reasons why, when it comes to the current UK Rap game? #LaughtasMostWanted.

The 'Most Wanted' EP by Laughta is out this Monday, via bandcamp. Connect with her via Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) and, to catch her at her very best, make sure you come down to the Queen of Hoxton on the 24th July at 7PM for her first official launch party.

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