Sunday, 23 June 2013


Made In Morley 2013 was one of the longest running events throughout London Jewellery Week, running from 4th of the month until today, affording the everyday person the opportunity to get handsy with their choice of metals and their (artistic) imagination...

After a great deal of confusion surrounding the exact location of an educational institution I'd never heard of, and the obvious conclusion that the majority of London Bus Drivers have absolutely no knowledge of the areas surrounding their routes; a live episode of 'Challenge Erica' (minus the helpful helicopter), resulted in my eventually finding Morley College, just in time to progress from the copper practice session, to the real attempt with slivers of silver sheets with very patient tutor, Lina Patterson.

After a crash course bringing me up to speed, I set about choosing my pattern for imprinting onto my silver piece. At once, I was taken back in time to my GCSE Technology class in a certain North London school, with my good old Textiles teacher, and her trusty, clear and odourless liquid friend, masquerading in a water bottle. Ah, good times...

The making process was decidedly easier than expected under (a very sober) Ms Patterson's guidance; so much so, that some students who, like me, were not regular students but (unlike me), were seeking practical confirmation that they had the skill set and competency to do a full, paid course. Some of the ladies in attendance were such naturals, that they succeeded in completing more than one design during the 3-hour course.

Once finished, I left quite pleased with my little achievement, and confirmation in the knowledge that should I choose to explore it, I have one more creative string to add to my bow. If one as accident prone as I can manage it, then rest assured, just about anyone can, so do take the time to visit the College website and have a look at what's on offer in the shape of September courses.

For the proof in my pudding, visit the album on the ESP Facebook Page for a step-by-step picture diary of the making process. Don't forget to comment and share!

Until the next...
ES ;)