Saturday, 8 June 2013


Day One of London Jewellery Week and my first stop at Jewel East had this 10-day event off to a flying start.

In the space of one hour, 10 designers reminded me of what it is I love about creative arts. Almost all handmade, the intricacy in the detail, the vision in their forethought, and the grit in their determination left me inspired and affected by the intriguing sights. If you can honestly talk to these amazingly talented designers, listen to their stories and the creative background behind each piece that they create without being affected, then I honestly don't know what to tell you!

Here are just a few of my favourites from the opening day...

Ayaki Kanari rings
Ayako Kanari draws her inspiration from the Victorian era; when fashion accessories were made from human hair. Her silver and gold-plated designs favour a plaited-style and, because many of the accessories were worn by brides to be, their shape continuity replicate the infinity bond...At least they did to my untrained eye, as she explained her concept!

Michelle Oh bases her Twig and Coral designs
on her favourite natural environments

Michelle Oh was another design maven with beautiful handmade art. Drawing inspiration from natural everyday elements such as beaches and woods, her coral and twig-inspired pieces molded from actual bramble, left me speechless.

Marta Wlodarska, Creator,
The Amberwood Collection

'Amberwood' is the baltic amber and natural wood collection by Marta Wlodarska, who sands and polishes each handmade piece, before decorating with materials such as silver, linen and leather.

Mokume Gane earrings form part of a traditional African wedding custom
Karen Rothwell looks to her travels and cultural history for her creative muses, with arguably the most captivating backstory of the day. From tribal bridal sheet earrings layered sixteen times, to traditional Japanese techniques, each handmade piece carries a brilliant touch of history.

From catwalk creations like the piece above
to everyday wear, Agata Kosel prefers to let
the creations take their own shape...

All of the artists showcasing their works brought something fresh and unique to Jewel East, but none more so than Agata Kosel, whose unorthodox representation of the female form was absolutely stunning - even before she kindly explained what exactly I was looking at! From everyday fashion to catwalk art, it's no wonder she earned the Jewel East Shining Jewel Award for the handmade pieces that she cuts based on life drawings.

For more of the talented works on show, be sure to keep visiting the Jewel East Album on the ESP Facebook Page throughout the weekend - don't forget to followlike and share!

Jewel East is taking place all weekend at Old Spitalfields Market (Saturday - 11-1700, Sunday - 10-1700). Entry is free, see the JW13 website for further details.

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