Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mr. Baker has something to say...

"Hey LekWorld,

Greetings to each and every single one of you all.

Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the surprisingly great London weather! If you're not here reading this, all I can say is that an Act of God has overtaken the City for this time of year!

Enough about that, let's get down to the real reason we're here...

I've been working on the next scheduled release, 'HipHopology:1stSemester' for a little while now. You've heard exclusives from the project via shows that I have been doing over the course of this year. So you know about it, you've heard material from it and many of you have been asking: "Where IS it???"

'HipHopology:1st Semester' is still on the way and coming along very well. I want to ensure that you receive the best music possible from me at all times, so I'm working diligently on it. But guess what...Because you've been asking, I'm pleased to finally announce that you won't be waiting much longer for new music!!!

Come October 31st, I've decided to release a free EP for all of my loyal fans and supporters, entitled: 'The Raise'.

This EP represents the transition from 'Str8 Out Da Oven' to 'HipHopology:1stSemester', and is designed to showcase my growth as an artist, producer and songwriter. It also has some very exciting, very interesting features and production credits...I could give you a clue or two as to who those people are, but where's the fun in that?

That's not all though...As my supporters will know, I took a little time off from performing to concentrate on recording. Yesterday's Broken Silence Finals were a great first step back out (Shoutout to my category's champ, Young Deacon, you killed it Playa)! But I'll be back to give you more at iLive Music's Leela James 'My Soul' Tour After Party on 21 October. Keep checking for more information on that, coming soon!

Now those who have been following on Twitter, will finally understand what those hints have been about for the last week or so! Live information from studio sessions, show updates and my journey as a whole, will be released there and via @LekWorld_ESP FIRST, so keep yourself informed!!!

Blessings to all, #1Love.


Feel free to let him know your thoughts people! (ES)