Sunday, 9 October 2011

#SoulSunday with Omar

We've done a few of these now, so if you've been paying attention, you'll know that this feature is tied to the theme of Leela James' upcoming 'My Soul' Tour, and it's how we round off each week in the #ESPspotlight.

This week has truly been an honour, as the ES in P got to feature a childhood legend. A musician who's body of work is woven into the fabric and culture of modern times, Omar has done more than his fair share to shape the History of the music for the masses. 

Leela best describes the concept:

"I called this album 'My Soul' because the music is a more accurate reflection of who I am than anything else I've ever recorded...When you listen to the individual tracks, one song may not necessarily sound like the other, but each is soulful in its own way, because each one comes from my soul."

For Omar, music comes from an equally similar place:

"My music comes from a part of me that has learned the Art of Self Expression, and every one of my albums is a milestone in my journey and evolution."

Omar features with US NeoSoul star, Leela James on the ONLY UK date for her 'My Soul' Tour, at the Clapham Grand on 21 October. Visit the iLive concert page via the ESP website for more information or, better still, head on over to Eventim and get your tickets NOW!